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'Nothing tangible': Fed concerned by progress of Police Covenant

Softly Softly (06/02/23 @ 17:09)

Oh really, who is surprised, you only need to ask a member of HM Armed Forces how meaningless the so-called covenant is - pure soundbites with no substance.

Anon (06/02/23 @ 18:39)

Who is surprised? Just look at all the empty promises and pledges relating to the management of all public services by successive governments since 2010. The country is falling apart and its public institutions,including policing being defunded and left a shadow of what they once were. It is a depressing spectacle to watch, but so very predictable.

A-non-e-mouse (09/02/23 @ 18:17)

I think we would be more impressed if the Police Federation concentrated on the important things to its members such as pensions and employment rights to negotiate fair pay.

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