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Fatal collision inquest concludes pursuit was “legitimate”

retired brief (03/02/23 @ 17:38)

Hmmm, no doubt when the families of the deceased pebble dash the case with fresh allegations dreamed up by them or their 'legal' advisers' in their hunt for 'compensashun' the IOPC will reopen the case to spend another inordinate amount of time so called investigating the latest diatribe against the police. Whilst expressing further thoughts for the men's families and loved ones.

Mike Hunt (03/02/23 @ 19:32)

The deceased hailed from Irish Travelling Community. I can only think they didn't see the police car, or else they would have stopped. Prob misread the speed limit signs.

Anonanon (04/02/23 @ 00:08)

Tommy Sharp was the driver and was over the drink drive limit and had cocaine in his system.Neither were wearing seat belts at the time of the collision. No mention of the occupants of the other cars struck by the Merc in the short chase. Three of the occupants of one of the cars were seriously injured. That's were my true sympathy lies.

Springbok223 (04/02/23 @ 10:15)

No great loss to society. Responsible for their own demise, all they had to do was stop.

paul webb (06/02/23 @ 10:58)

The only tragedy here is the injuries caused to innocent members of the public by the stupid idiot failing to stop for the police.

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