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SVROs: a new weapon in the fight against knife crime

retired brief (07/02/23 @ 16:48)

How will these orders go down with the 'you is only picking on me cos I is black' crowd and their naive, politically driven community supporters? The then government under Tony Blair introduced Anti Social Behaviour Orders (ASBO's) which were loudly heralded as THE answer to the problem of feral children running wild. What a joke that turned out to be and it became the breeding ground for a plethora of further court orders which had no real impact. Just look around you today to se what is going on, but good luck to the officers doing their best with old material which has been through the mill a number of times, but do not hold your breath people.

paul webb (07/02/23 @ 17:48)

Pointless exercise. The problem has always been the failure of the courts to back up the police firstly with ASBO's CRASBO's etc. If they are caught with a weapon arrest charge and straight before the first available court surely they do not need to be bailed for any reason if caught in possession. Then impose custodial sentences first second and what ever other time they get caught. No exceptions eventually even the untermench will realise that getting caught with a weapon will result in an immediate custodial sentence it might make them think again. Will it happen. Got more chance of seeing a unicorn!!

Guest (09/02/23 @ 16:17)

Can anyone tell me what happened to the Mandatory 7 years imprisonment we were promised for ANYONE 'Varryin' a knife, let alone using one??????

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