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Former Federation chair to face accusations of gross misconduct

paul webb (22/02/23 @ 15:33)

Always interesting that when Couldn't Prosecute Satan decline to proceed especially if it relates to a police officer. It normally means that there was sod all in the allegation to start with. The default position is always to prosecute if it involves the police. The muppet squad of course then resort to the Kangaroo court in an attempt to get the officer done for the inevitable misconduct offence as they hope the civil level of proof will get them a result. I know he is retired but it would be nice if his successors at the Fed opened the coffers and actually went for the muppet squad in the courts for the very least abuse of process.

retired brief (22/02/23 @ 17:13)

Yes, a vindictive action against a retired police officer the CPS having decided no case for a prosecution. What would be the purpose of the cost of this kangaroo court as they cannot sanction him in any way? Is it part, I wonder, of a drive by the IOPC to attack an officers pension in these cases, as was called for re the beast of the Met case with his numerous rapes over many years. May have been justified in his case, but are we seeing an attempted 'mission creep' to throw officers and their families under a bus even if they have not been found to be criminally culpable?

Anonanon (22/02/23 @ 22:55)

The fact that CPS have made clear that the evidence threshold is not met will not stop a misconduct hearing taking place. Too many examples in PO over the years. Although retired I hope John Apter makes it clear he will contest any hearing and get the representation he needs. IOPC are not at all clear as to what their issues are as they wrap it all up in the blanket of '..relating to authority,respect and courtesy,equality and diversity and conduct'

DT (23/02/23 @ 16:58)

@retired brief thankfully, I don’t believe that the pension is at risk for a retired Officer who is now potentially facing a Gross Misconduct hearing. The most that they can do, if he is found guilty is place him on the barred list. For me, they are only doing this for the sake of being seen to do something.

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