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Comment: missing the point

Guest (27/02/23 @ 12:53)

The former officers grandstanding whilst collecting their 30 pieces of silver should be ashamed.

paul webb (27/02/23 @ 17:24)

Might the present virulent anti police rhetoric that is coming from the MSM be due in some part due to virtually no contact at the ground level between the police and the press. It appears that it is strictly verboten to be in the same pub as a member of the 4th estate and this lack of mutual back scratching has led to the press having no compunction in the stories they publish because they are not going to get gripped by the short and curlies by a pissed off detective whilst having a quiet pint in the dog and gun any time soon

Anonymous (28/02/23 @ 19:39)

Very well written article. Would like to see this in the mainstream media.

paul webb (01/03/23 @ 07:54)

Sorry no chance of that happening MSM have an agenda for the police at the moment they can smell blood in the water and are just feeding off every piece of bad policing they can get their hands on

retired brief (01/03/23 @ 09:19)

The worst offenders are the press themselves. I know of one case where reporters were knocking on neighbours doors claiming to be police detectives 'making enquiries' in the area in an attempt to obtain gossip and scandal on the family in the limelight to spread across the front pages of their rags. In one of the mainland bombing cases, reporters put white coats on and pretended to be doctors in order to get to the injured in the major trauma ward for salacious 'exclusives'. The fact is they exist to sell newspapers, highbrow claims of freedom of the press do not wash with me. They are scoundrels doing their best to please their editors and increase revenue for them!

jdp384 (02/03/23 @ 11:53)

The issue here is one of timing and not the welfare subject which of course is relevant to any missing person. Perhaps the independent review will address the concerns expressed surrounding the release of welfare and Police contact with this particular family. The Police in general are very professional at finding missing people and the release of media information. I don’t think one can say it worked in cases a,b and c so it’s ok for all other cases.

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