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Interview: Race Action Plan update

Anonanon (03/03/23 @ 00:11)

Two comments,two reported as 'objectionable' Maybe Tyron does check out this site.

retired brief (03/03/23 @ 15:39)

He certainly cannot deal with some mild criticism, it would appear!

paul webb (03/03/23 @ 16:56)

What the heck has happened to my comment? I merely asked if this was the same man who whilst in charge of the NPAS had numerous complaints made against him by his staff. Plus a criticism of senior officers in general about the obsession with all things diversity instead of getting on with the day job Who do I appeal to about this scandalous censorship? George Orwell will be spinning in his grave

Annoymous. (04/03/23 @ 12:22)

It is disgraceful that this officer has been allowed promotion after the NPAS saga. Before I get accused of bias, I am a retired BME officer and I’ve never worked with him. I am also aware that BME cops do not have confidence in him. This is clearly a promotion portfolio. I would ask T/DCC, for the sale of transparency how many BME student officers are leaving his force ? Have West Yorks BPA and Muslim Police Association raised issues around discrimination ? Those that have bullied and cannot manage issues in their own force should not be allowed to cause damage in the race arena IMHO.

Annoymous. (05/03/23 @ 11:58)

The product of promotion based on acceptability as opposed to suitability.

30 Year Cop (05/03/23 @ 21:24)

Worthy and important work that is hopefully being led by someone who is truly worthy of it and not just another Chief Officer being sidelined whilst keeping up appearances 🤔

paul webb (06/03/23 @ 13:53)

@retired brief I am not a happy bunny to say the least that comments that I have posted are apparently censored by I would assume by Police Oracle after being contacted by Tyron Joyce. Would a mere Pc get comments deleted if he was somehow offended No of course not, but become a T/DCC and suddenly you can decide what is or is not printed if it in any way criticises you and your views.

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