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Khan pushes for duty of candour over wrongdoing

retired brief (01/03/23 @ 16:12)

This is pure George Orwell for police officers! Wonder what the TUC would say if he was making these proposals for working class members of trade unions? Although, fair do's, I do note that he has not suggested that police officers should wear computerised and non removable ankle bands which will show where they are and what they are doing 24 hours a day, 52 weeks per year. Oh dear, what have I done???

paul webb (01/03/23 @ 17:05)

Duty of candour!! Is he living in a cave. The current crop of officers will seriously hurt themselves in the rush to be the first in the gaffers door screaming " please sir/ma'am or whatever gender you want to be called this morning. I have witnessed constable whoever being a very naughty boy he said hello to a woman whilst on duty and then smiled at her" The police already have draconian restrictions on their privates lives. Now the poison dwarf wants to be able to trawl through officers personal phones. Have them suspended at the drop of a hat. Have the SMT able to appeal decisions that they do not like if the independent tribunals do not come back with the result they want. The sacking of officers found guilty at court should be the default position already surely But the act of snatching the officers pension which they have already paid into. Would he be prepared to suffer that punishment if he got caught out and lost his job. Would any of his unionised workforce tolerate that.

Softly Softly (01/03/23 @ 17:52)

Could be even worse where an officer reports a colleague for addressing a suspect by the wrong pronoun, but I guess thats already happened - time maybe to substitute Police Force for Police Farce.

Anonanon (01/03/23 @ 18:10)

If the chancer and his buddy Rowley want rigorous appraisal processes, intrusions on private lives and draconian sanctions for breaches for public servants lets have it across the board including the politicians at City Hall and those at the golden trough on the Thames. A duty of Candour if applied rigorously amongst that bunch could bring the whole 'House of cards' down.

Anon (11/03/23 @ 00:16)

I know that they do not wish officers to remain in policing for a full career however anymore of this on officers and there will be further decline on recruitment . Who would want to be an officer in this woke generation , having retired and now in private sector its a different world and one I wish I did sooner.

Anonymous (30/03/23 @ 17:52)

How about a ‘duty of candour’ for MP’s as well, with all the restrictions he speaks of that he’d like to see implemented! People who live in glass houses…

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