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Stephen House to step away from productivity review after IOPC referral

Mike Hunt (02/03/23 @ 17:19)

What if he did say the comments attributed to him, based on his own personal experience of rape allegations? Or are personal opinions verboten if they go against the accepted narrative? I'm shocked he wasn't labelled misogynistic

paul webb (02/03/23 @ 17:41)

He said She said. Unless this is recorded anywhere then this is a load of bob!! Will anyone else at this meeting remember this alleged phrase being used and if they did are they now going to hauled in front of the witchfinder general for not reporting it at the time. Apparently it took place a year ago. Why the delay in reporting it Now the muppet squad will be trying to tie their shoe laces, work out how to open the door and walk in a straight line. Glad I am retired and away from this endless insanity

Anonanon (02/03/23 @ 18:16)

It's over a year since he allegedly made the remark. As an adviser to Op Soteria you would have thought Stanko would have red flagged it back then. AC Owens appears to be first off the line to denounce the alleged comment but she also mentions this comment was included in the Op Soteria Bluestone (Year 1 report) which came out in December 2022. So why has this suddenly popped up? Presumably senior rank haven't found the time to read the report (initially launched by the Home office in 2021) or skimmed over this bit...strange. As its been fed their way lets let the little beavers at IOPC untangle it.

retired brief (02/03/23 @ 22:09)

It does sound to be a sweeping generalisation for such a senior officer to make these days, and one must wonder why it has taken over a year for the posse to get saddled up. I must say, that there should be some element of the usual 'keeping an open mind' when such complaints are made. I had an experience where a rent collector at private rental accommodation was offered straight sex by one female occupant if he would cover her rent for that week. He accepted the offer and then found himself accused of rape. In another case, a taxi driver conveyed a woman in the early hours of the morning from a city centre club to a distant housing estate. On arrival she offered the driver sex to cover the taxi fare and he accepted. Result, another allegation of rape. The real motive in both cases was to claim criminal compensation from the relevant board. So not every claim of rape is to be treated as absolutely genuine from a tearful wilting violet but must be thoroughly investigated with an open mind. Hold on, there is some one knocking at my front door............

Life on Mars (03/03/23 @ 13:16)

Allegedly Betsy Stanko told the Chief (Sarah Crew) about the comments after they were made. Not sure if this is true or not but it does put a slightly different slant on the story and some questions of the Chief?

PaulH (03/03/23 @ 13:42)

If said comment was made and Professor Stanko was so appalled and shocked, why wait? If she was a police officer she would have been duty bound to report it at the time. The delay, the timing just does not sit well.

leeper (03/03/23 @ 14:00)

Michael Mansfield (the scourge of the Old Bailey) is an eminent KC. In his court appearances he has often said quote “if it’s not written down, it did not happenâ€쳌. He won many an argument/case with this.

Old Skool Kind of Guy (03/03/23 @ 14:54)

seems odd to surface so late after allegedly being said but i have scanned the report and it is clearly documented but not attributed to anyone...

Anonanon (03/03/23 @ 21:37)

@Life on Mars Interesting...so Sarah Crew....where are you?

Softly Softly (05/03/23 @ 14:53)

No doubt the growing number of misandrists within the job have already so labelled him.

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