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IOPC investigating two forces following fatal RTC in Cardiff

retired brief (13/03/23 @ 17:14)

This is another story of the overstretched resources the police have these days. I wonder how many officers were on duty in these areas at the relevant times. No more than 20 I would guess. All of them dealing with the never ending emergency calls they have to respond to plus hours tied up with mental health cases released into the so called 'care of the community' for hours on end. The initial report of five adult party/club goers being missing would not have received top priority response at the time or immediately afterwards, owing to the pressure of the emergency calls as I describe. The vehicle was not in plain sight, and as so often happens in these cases is found by members of the public such as off road dog walkers. This just reflects the pressures of modern day policing with vastly reduced numbers, experience and skills; but no doubt the IOPC will ignore all this as they saddle up the posse and go hunting scalps.

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