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Red-flagging officers who are exposed to multiple trauma incidents

Captainover (13/03/23 @ 13:18)

I don't believe for one minute that any officer had went to 15 sudden deaths in a shift. In an 8 hour shift that would be nearly 1 every 30 minutes!!!

retired brief (13/03/23 @ 17:37)

Totally agree, this kind of support is long overdue and I have called for it repeatedly on this site when the' we will not tolerate' brigade and the IOPC have thrown police officers and their families under a bus when they finally cracked under the pressure. If ever there was a need to support officers and mitigate their alleged 'we will not tolerate' behaviour, it is well overdue, they deal with the great unwashed scum of the earth who will lie and campaign for as long as it takes to destroy an officer doing their duty, because they have nothing else to do but spend their benefits on drink and drugs, topped up by thieving and minor drug dealing.

jdp384 (14/03/23 @ 12:54)

Must have been an RTC!

Anthony (14/03/23 @ 15:35)

I think that being called a sex offender by the untermensch and misandry will be stressful enough.

XKnotscop (15/03/23 @ 10:51)

Best of luck in achieving that .........from experience most forces cannot even record simple injury on duty incidents correctly and despite their pontificating still fail to understand the real impact on officers that exposure to constant trauma and excessive workload has on an individual's health.

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