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Former DPP to review Michael Lockwood’s resignation from IOPC

General Dogsbody (10/03/23 @ 15:55)

I trust MPs will now call for all of the IOPC to be revetted......

Anonanon (11/03/23 @ 00:11)

This image is the standard go to when PO have an article linked to him. I have no issue with this as he always seems to have the expression of bemused 'am I missing something'. In this case his job. Anyone remember the heat of MSM when all this came out?...nah. It exploded like a damp firework in November.

Softly Softly (13/03/23 @ 14:41)

The photo of Lockwood creases me up, always reminds me of a used car salesman giving an assurance to a prospective buyer that the milometer hasn't been tampered with or the car isn't made up of two welded together.

PaulH (13/03/23 @ 16:19)

I wonder from where Sir David will pull the real investigators?

retired brief (13/03/23 @ 17:00)

Yes, or Geremy Corbyn on a visit to a Middle East Hezbollah conference.

Fatblurk (13/03/23 @ 17:32)

At least this review will be done in a timely and efficient manner.............. Makes a change when it come sto anything IOPC

Squadman (13/03/23 @ 21:43)

If - when Sir David's report is concluded - he uses the phrase, 'we will not tolerate' that, to many of us will be the icing on the cake.

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