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Guidelines ask police to prioritise freedom of speech in non-crime hate

paul webb (13/03/23 @ 10:55)

Freedom of speech to be protected!! Will that right extend to officers who disagree with the current obsession with the diversity at all costs policies being pursued by SMT's. What will the reaction be to an officer who on social media railed against the current orthodoxy. Words of advice or sacked?

Mike Hunt (13/03/23 @ 10:59)

I wonder if this on-line freedom of speech protection will apply to off duty police? No....I didn't think so. No non -crime should ever be considered or recorded. Cos as it stands, someone will have to decide whether the non crime incident is sufficiently serious so as to merit being recorded, and I doubt many would have the courage to use common sense for fear of being criticised.

Mike Hunt (13/03/23 @ 10:59)

Paul, you beat me to it!!

Michael (13/03/23 @ 11:46)

Mission creep - give better guidelines and support officers who reference off a report. Society has to have some resilience and the police can't police the internet, I believe the internet should have a body outside of the police similar to trading standards to allow core policing to be done.

Softly Softly (13/03/23 @ 14:37)

If the current 'we will not tolerate brigade' have their way any officer voicing views other than the official doctrine of the great God of Diversity and Inclusivity from above would, if the brigade had their way be hung drawn and quartered, of course without any need for a hearing - hang on though doesn't that happen already but officers are merely hung out to dry having been thrown under the proverbial bus.

PC Nancy (13/03/23 @ 15:26)

So if it’s not necessary to record a name or address, what’s the point in recording a non crime at all?

Ian (13/03/23 @ 16:29)

And will revised guidance also be forthcoming for those living in glass houses, only we appear to be moving away from the age old wisdom that they are ill-advised to throw stones?

Bob (13/03/23 @ 22:04)

I think the pointy end of this 'wedge' got banged in in the late 90's when graduates of clown school decided that if someone, anyone, 'thought' an offence had been committed, then a report would be taken. Twenty five years of 'sensitivity' and 'pandering' under Governments of different parties, and look at the sorry state we've ended up in.

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