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Hampshire latest force to start reopening front desks

chris24pc (13/03/23 @ 21:28)

Good for her. It's about time the police listened to the public and opened up front counters again. How disgraceful that in the year 2023 there are many, many towns which do not have a front counter or other place where the public can speak to a police officer.

Old Skool Kind of Guy (14/03/23 @ 07:24)

open air desks in London as all of the police stations have been sold off or placed in industrial estates - just saying...

Matt (14/03/23 @ 13:27)

Chief Constables welcoming the reopening of front desks. These would be the same ones who fully supported their closure a few years ago. it was idiotic to close them in he first place.

Bob French (14/03/23 @ 16:55)

They shouldn't have been closed in the first place! If the 'Job' was a business, it would be folded within a week.

Thewayitwas (16/03/23 @ 16:18)

It’s great news , to have common sense back. She didn’t close them and neither did the new chief so the change has hopefully started. We all know the history across the UK and we all said the wheel would turn around but it takes guts and commitment to turn it around so hats off to Donna.

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