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Two Sussex officers dismissed after PC’s inappropriate relationship

retired brief (13/03/23 @ 17:29)

Will not be tolerated again, another reflection of the Orwellian state of policing.

Mike Hunt (13/03/23 @ 17:35)

I wonder how this came to light? I appreciate that the current code of ethics frowns upon relationships which begin as a result of on duty encounters but where was the harm? Why should the police code of ethics trump a person's desire, want or need to be in a relationship? And this includes the member of the public's desire to be in a relationship with an officer. I understand the honesty issues but maybe if the regs weren't so ridiculous then people wouldn't feel obliged to lie. And there clearly has to be more to the hospital issue involving the woman's daughter. Unless now every officer has to disclose how they know, or know of, anyone and everyone that they encounter during the course of the day? There was a time that being local to the community and knowing people in the community was seen as a plus. Now it's just a menace!

Softly Softly (13/03/23 @ 19:30)

Perhaps Sussex Police should only employ celibate hermits! However I suspect even then they would fall short of the standards of the 'we will not tolerate' brigade!

Mullers (13/03/23 @ 23:41)

Police are recruiting - Only eunuchs need apply!

blues & twos (14/03/23 @ 07:56)

Man an Woman meet. Man and Woman fall in love Man and Colleague gets sacked for it what a love story

Softly Softly (14/03/23 @ 10:46)

I sincerely hope that both officers appeal these outrageous findings and penalties, quite frankly the findings of Gross Misconduct stink to high heaven.

Squadman (14/03/23 @ 11:52)

Those eunuchs will find themselves in good company with others of their kind, at the top of the greasy pole.

Anthony (14/03/23 @ 15:30)

How many police officers are married to a nurse they met at the hospital? Run to the hills, all is lost.

Bob French (15/03/23 @ 09:28)

Yooooo hoooooo, cutie. :-)

Bob French (15/03/23 @ 09:29)

Yes, we'd all be delivering parcels now after serving our time on remand for daring to chat a nurse up!!

Bob French (15/03/23 @ 09:30)

It's a good job there isn't a review of the SMT's 'relationships'..... The cleaner would end up in charge as the div Cmdr.

Springbok223 (15/03/23 @ 09:44)

Shiner's outfit again. Lack of supervision starting at the top.

paul webb (15/03/23 @ 10:09)

That will not save you. All relationships are now seen to be immoral. The "we will not tolerate" brigade appear to want celibate officers only.

paul webb (15/03/23 @ 10:14)

I was horrified when I read the code of ethics in respect to relationships. The idea that an officer can not have any kind of relationship with anyone they meet whilst on duty is insane. The federation should be dipping into the coffers and challenging these draconian restrictions through the courts. It is plainly a breach of a persons basic human rights at the very least. If this had been in force back in my day vast swathes of my old force would be sacked.

Mullers (15/03/23 @ 18:04)

@Squadman - Love it !

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