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Met pursuit found to be 'appropriate' prior to death at railway station

blues & twos (14/03/23 @ 07:51)

there is always criticism from the IOPC. the family should have been informed sooner bla bla bla. It has taken just under 2 year to produce the report

Springbok223 (15/03/23 @ 09:28)

I bet the IOPC issued this statement through 'gritted teeth', they hate to find the police innocent, yet they still had to make some comment regarding what some officer said, they cannot let anything go without some detrimental comment. Usual excessive time taken for a simple case which could have been concluded within three months, I doubt anyone(except the IOPC)could find anything complicated about the case or the outcome, requiring two years to complete the inquiry.

Merewoodman (15/03/23 @ 10:02)

When one has just witnessed a sudden death one doesn't stand ands think 'Is the politically correct' Thats how front line officers stay sane. So cut some slackl for the officers at the scene.

paul webb (15/03/23 @ 11:51)

Six months to investigate an incident that took less than 15 minutes. Then the muppet squad frustrated because the officers had done nothing wrong have a pop at one of the officers for a comment made in the heat of the moment. They are really beyond the pale

Jensen2021 (16/03/23 @ 18:51)

It’s an example of how police are scrutinised more than anybody else. They honestly don’t think that undertakers, ambulance staff etc make dark remarks too a day coping mechanism?!

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