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Less than 1% of officers and staff accused of VAWG sacked

Springbok223 (14/03/23 @ 11:11)

People like Blyth who isn't a real police officer, she has never started at the bottom, just joined on the stupid D.E route. What does she know about the job, not much, but she talks the talk, and thats about all.

ASG (14/03/23 @ 12:16)

She certainly uses the important buzz words and management speak. On the BBC there was no mention of “ innocent until proven guilty “, the rhetoric was quite simply allegations should equal convictions and Blyth made no reference to the fact other than to say that behind every allegation is a victim. There is no other organisation in the U.K. , probably in the world subject to such scrutiny and unbalanced commentary, it’s even frowned upon to push back against questioning the inquisition… Isn’t that what everybody’s favourite Baroness said, “ don’t question my findings, just accept them “

Anonanon (14/03/23 @ 12:34)

If you looked at the figures for those allegations involving police officers and staff,they would mirror that of the overall figures for MoP in DV disposals. The vast majority do not go anywhere for a variety of reasons, mainly on review that there is nothing to support a prosecution or the VIW withdraws the allegation or their support. Those that do reach the threshold to caution or charge are at the much lower end of the figures. So what is Blythe suggesting? That the fact an allegation has been made should trigger a review for disciplinary at the lower level of proof? That an individual could lose their career and reputation purely on someone else's word? The sole purpose being that Blythe and those at NPCC can wave figures to say 'look at us' whilst running the VAWG bandwagon over fairness,impartiality and due process.

jdp384 (14/03/23 @ 12:37)

“This isn’t good enoughâ€쳌 ! Double jeopardy, lower evidential threshold for disciplinary hearings. Just what is the Officer suggesting? Resorting to the Roman Act of Decimation? To improve the figures.

Simon (14/03/23 @ 13:02)

A very one dimensional, headline grabbing statistic. I am remined of the following saying, "Lies, damned lies, and statistics" is a phrase describing the persuasive power of statistics to bolster weak arguments,

ThatchersBritain (14/03/23 @ 13:08)

Whilst not condoning violence against any individual regardless of sex it seems clear that another witch hunt is beginning. I retired after 30 years in 2018 and now work on the railway. My advice to those younger in service is to consider a career change ASAP. The police has become over politicised and the media hate you. Double jeopardy is now common practice and once any allegation is made every avenue to prosecute or sack you will be explored. There are far better career options out there where you will be treated with respect by your employer and enjoy better terms and conditions.

Bob French (14/03/23 @ 13:49)

Ignore her, she is devoid of any policing experience and merely talks stats .

Anthony (14/03/23 @ 15:25)

It must be of concern to many the comment by Captain Blyth, sorry DCC Maggie Blyth that “ we need to be harsher in sanctions that we impose upon anyone where there is allegations of this type of behaviourâ€쳌 Did the result of such behaviour by Captain Blyth of the Bounty not be a warning to her? Can anyone enlighten me, what experience of actual police work does she have?

retired brief (14/03/23 @ 15:40)

Another direct entrant at very senior level with no experience of criminal justice processes designed to protect people until they are proved to be guilty by due process; and cares even less for such process. Just happy to push whatever current bandwagon she is on, draw her over £100.000 per year salary for being a senior police officer, (not, never has, never will be but looking forward to her KPM and Damehood). The reason why so many commentators on this site use the abbreviation TJF, and they are right.

Softly Softly (14/03/23 @ 16:00)

Of course only an NPCC officer of a certain gender (it would be frowned on for me to be 'gender specific of course) is deemed appropriate to address issues relating to the VAWG 'bandwagon'. Whereas anyone with any credibility holding the rank would be voicing that ALL violence in society is abhorrent, which it seemingly isn't. Yet another example of some 'cherry picking' their way up the greasy pole.

Softly Softly (14/03/23 @ 16:04)

How prophetic the Two Ronnies sketch series 'The Worm that Turned' of bygone days was - and the effects are becoming hideously obvious, especially in policing.

Fatblurk (14/03/23 @ 16:48)

Ah statistics, the friend of those with an agenda. This data included complaints of use of force on females. As we all know a majority of complaints about use of force are from those who are aggrieved that their behaviour has got them arrested. Statistics without any perspective or perameters can say anything. It would also appear that police officers are guilty until proven guilty. Ironic this comes out on the same day Eleanor Williams is jailed for making false claims about grooming and rape

Ian (14/03/23 @ 20:24)

There is a real risk that the imprecision of language used here creates space for those who wish to hijack what is inarguably a serious agenda to drive up allegations in the hope of exacting harsher sanctions simply because an accusation exists, whereas the real priority must be to identify those who are genuinely violent and exploitative and who have no place in our ranks. Perspective is at risk of being skewed by the overuse of emotive language on all sides of this agenda and we are already at a point where it has become acceptable to question the motivations of all male officers, the overwhelming majority of whom have given the professional lives to protecting the public without fear or favour regardless of gender or any other characteristic. Few, if any would question the need for harsher sanctions where allegations are substantiated.

Annoymous. (14/03/23 @ 20:45)

How many villains or violent DV perps has she locked up, disgraceful allowing those devoid of police experience to lead policing.

Softly Softly (14/03/23 @ 20:52)

The irony of this appearing on the very day a female was sentenced to a term of imprisonment for perverting the course of justice for falsely accusing men of assault and grooming her. This perhaps illustrates the danger in the notion often promoted these days that an accusation should be accepted without question. In the days of real policing, when investigators had to be open minded there was a saying that sexual offence allegations are easy to make, hard to prove and even harder to disprove.

Trebor Leep (15/03/23 @ 08:58)

What a stupid comment, how many did/have you locked up? More or less than her? more or less than me? All this proves is why you were not in leadership....if you were that's more likely to be the reason policing is in the state it is. Not nice when its personal is it. No I'm not related, just fed up with arm chair critics making baseless, uninformed and crass statements that neither help or or inform the debate..

Bob French (15/03/23 @ 10:01)

Meanwhile, get your ti*s out as a former senior officer in GMP and keep your job. Need to do some further research ma'am.

Merewoodman (15/03/23 @ 10:12)

Stop filling gaps in the number of officer in forces by dropping the standards when recruiting. Or is it now that the media/social media exposes more of something that was already there? PO in this case stands for Police Officer not Publicity Officer. Maintain a disciplined approach as per Police Regulations which always seemed to be adequate. Too much cuddling up to the media and not enoughcoppering.

ASG (15/03/23 @ 10:24)

They’ve been saying it for years…. You don’t need to Bea police office or have policing knowledge and skills to be a police manager…the intention was always to remove police and police thinking from any equation and inserting the government’s own group/mindset into the decision making process. The last Home Secretary to pay attention to what the Police Federation said was Alan Johnson.

ASG (15/03/23 @ 10:38)

It seems to me quite a few Chiefs support fast-track dismissal, it’s clear to me Sadiq Khan would like to have the power of dismissal. As a workforce we don’t have many protections, most politicians seem to be keen for it to remain so. The msm is toxic where the police service is concerned, social media is a sewer. Cameron, that rock solid, upstanding, brave former PM was adamant the police service required urgent reform, I understand measured, intelligent reform, tearing police and the service a new backside was about as vindictive and immature a way forward….

retired brief (15/03/23 @ 16:57)

@Trebor Leep Your comment is just as stupid and shows a serious lack of understanding of the issues. Many of us, who you criticise from your armchair are very experienced officers with, like myself, post graduate qualifications and years of experience of police leadership and management at the sharp operational end who have had to answer to the highest courts in the land for our decisions, not as I think in your case to a bunch of callow students who you are filling with vacuous nonesense.

Bob (15/03/23 @ 21:46)

I suppose it depends on which end of the microscope you are looking through. If there was sufficient evidence to support the sacking of officers and staff in less than one percent of cases, then can it be assumed that there must have been insufficient evidence to warrant the sacking of officers and staff in the other ninety nine percent plus cases ? Is she seriously suggesting that the majority of cases were 'brushed under the carpet' or just 'written off ? Did she miss the lessons on evidence and proving offences on whatever courses she was on ?

paul webb (16/03/23 @ 09:08)

She would have a job doing that as she was never a proper police officer just a plastic senior officer with zero policing skills

Anthony (16/03/23 @ 10:16)

I see the DCC Blyth is accredited with 30 years criminal justice experience. 1990 Probation Service, practitioner. 1998 County Youth Offending Service. Oxfordshire. 2000 National Youth Justice Board. 2016. Fast track Superintendent . Hampshire. 2019. Promoted to Assistant Chief Constable, Hampshire. 2021. National Police Chiefs. I had wondered how she would rebuild the trust of Hampshire police officers, but from her history I imagine trust in her as a police officer was absent anyway. What a nightmare.

Mullers (16/03/23 @ 11:44)

The more I see of this direct entry nonsense the more my heart sinks…..never walked the walk but full of talk the talk…..she sounds like a female version of Matthew Hopkins. So glad to be retired.

Thewayitwas (16/03/23 @ 16:31)

If DCC Blyth had ever arrested anyone , completed a crime file and gone to court many times she would understand evidence a bit better. Crimes across the board get nowhere because CPS have such a low charging threshold and their possibility of prosecution is ? blimmin high so that when a case finally gets a charge authorised even the worst lawyers can get get a job home. Nothing to do with females being victims of crime the whole array of crimes need improvement. More police and better trained officers. Encourage more to stay and retain skills , encourage skills back into the police,encourage the retired back. I’ve just realised that last statement is probably as stupid as the chancellor’s pension statement!

mr anonymous (16/03/23 @ 16:56)

why would anyone join this job at the bottom ranks.rubbish pay continually criticised by the public, the media, the politicians, and always at risk of losing your job or imprisonment. You can never accept the actions of corrupt, violent and officers who are sexual predators and use the job to enable them to act in this way, but as almost everyone on these comment pages remarks, the police are overwhelmingly an honest and decent profession with staff wanting to do their best for the community that they serve. Thes honest and trustworthy staff now count for nothing as people like DCC Blyth are desperate to show that they have "cleaned up policing" I bet she hasnt got a clue as to what it is like to deal with the public on a regular basis and try to help them with their issues.

Jensen2021 (16/03/23 @ 19:08)

@ASG - I always find it amazing that those, particularly from the left who preach ‘fairness,’ ‘perspective,’ etc completely turn on their principles when it comes to the police and assume guilt and throw away the key. I wonder if they would apply that to the many NHS staff who’ve committed all kinds of abuse. So many in the MSM are sneering middle class bigots who think it’s their duty to demonise the police, whilst praising the rest of the public sector who have exactly the same controversies

Softly Softly (17/03/23 @ 07:42)

I guess the real Wendolene is the one who reported this as objectionable LOL.

paul webb (17/03/23 @ 15:49)

Hello noticed my comment has been deleted!! If it was the DCC complaining about the fact her new photo is far superior to her previous one which made her look like a character from Wallace and Gromit. Or the fact I described her as having zero policing skills having been popped into the rank of superintendent. Now she is a DCC I dare say she will be looking at getting a CC post somewhere. Incredible never done a days real policing

Mullers (17/03/23 @ 18:15)

Paul Webb…..ld like to think Blyth is aware of these posts as I know a DAC that reads PO.

Mullers (17/03/23 @ 18:15)

Paul Webb…..ld like to think Blyth is aware of these posts as I know a DAC that reads PO.

Anthony (17/03/23 @ 19:10)

Perhaps the low conviction rates is explained by the principles of “ Occam’s Razorâ€쳌 The simplest explanation is the correct answer. The complaint was unfounded, was punitive, or tactical. Just a thought.

Softly Softly (18/03/23 @ 02:53)

Deletion of comments - thin end of the wedge?

Mullers (19/03/23 @ 05:01)

Mags….your new picture fools nobody…..reminds me of those sad people who wear medals they never earned…….called stolen valour aka Walter Mitty.

Bob French (24/03/23 @ 14:37)

Hope she’s watching the case of DC Aston from Surrey who was convicted yesterday of fitting up a colleague for a sexual offence. No doubt she’ll be at court as a character witness next month…..

Bob French (24/03/23 @ 14:37)

Hope she’s watching the case of DC Aston from Surrey who was convicted yesterday of fitting up a colleague for a sexual offence. No doubt she’ll be at court as a character witness next month…..

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