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IOPC interim DG: new focus of getting cases done within six months

retired brief (15/03/23 @ 16:46)

Best of luck with that Old Boy. But not to worry, you will have a whole host of new statistics to bandy about in 12 months time (or maybe 24 months time or mabye.....whatever). May I on behalf of the hard pressed operational police officers at the sharp end of the fight against the bad people of the country, express our sympathy to you and your loved ones at this difficult time for you.

Bob (15/03/23 @ 22:02)

It's a shame that no one thought to tell him he was having a 'bad hair day' before they took his profile photo. As my grandma used to say, 'It looks like someone cut it with a knife and fork'.

Springbok223 (16/03/23 @ 09:38)

The first thing he should do is get rid of all the current Staff and employ people who know how to interview, and know how the police force works and be totally independent. Get rid of the 'holier than thou' members(we all know who they are) and start afresh. They also need to get out of the 'lets bag a copper' attitude, and work very much faster. Any inquiry that goes passed 12 months should be automatically deposited in the nearest bin.

StandbyOne (16/03/23 @ 15:46)

IOPC has been rated by Trustpilot as worthy of 1.3 stars. Sixty plus comments will tell you why..

Squadman (16/03/23 @ 18:58)

Impressive looking cove, ain't he? Great antecedents, too - should do well.

Springbok223 (17/03/23 @ 08:46)

It isn't as bad as CC Rachael Swann's hair.

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