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Commitment to the Race Action Plan is inconsistent says scrutiny Chair

Captainover (16/03/23 @ 16:21)

The race action plan means nothing to most coppers who are out doing their job. Despite what the mainstream media will have you believe we are not all racist, sexist homophobes. Some of us just want to get on with nicking criminals without pandering to all that social justice noise.

Anthony (16/03/23 @ 16:39)

What a load of waffle.

retired brief (16/03/23 @ 17:36)

The chair of the Independent Scrutiny Board is quoted in this article as saying, inter alia, 'the expectations of professionalism need to be adjusted for different peoples cultural background'.!!!!! Is this a call to drop the professional standards which have applied to the police in this country for near on 200 years and which the current crop of leaders will not tolerate any deviation from, in order to advance, recruit or favour certain members of the community she is basically representing? Positive discrimination being advocated in order to reduce the current standards??

Softly Softly (16/03/23 @ 18:45)

I think this is disingenuous to members of Forces from differing ethnic backgrounds, they must be made to feel the goalposts have been moved simply to accommodate their entry. I guess the simple solution is not to recruit anyone who is White British so as to balance these totally irrational targets. Utter lunancy!

Anonanon (16/03/23 @ 19:13)

I have been chewing that line over for a while and can only come to the view that she wants PSD to apply differing standards to those of different cultural backgrounds. Professionalism is Professionalism and should remain so regardless of colour, creed, sexual orientation....

Annoymous. (16/03/23 @ 19:15)

What makes Ms Johnson and expert ? I know of a former police officer who has worked for a regulator and is in the legal profession and of BME heritage. What was the selection criteria ?

Softly Softly (17/03/23 @ 07:35)

If you Google all of the three people mentioned in this article they all have one thing in common, perhaps therefore perhaps a somewhat biased approach to the issue, if indeed such an issue exists or perhaps it is one conjured up, as another bandwagon upon which to hitch a lift?

paul webb (17/03/23 @ 08:55)

The anti white male bias rears its ugly head again. If only the police were to recruit and promote far more of the alphabet soup crowd then they could eradicate the problem!! Therefore positive discrimination will become the norm. Lower or different standards will be applied to the alphabet soup crowd. We would not want them to feel excluded would we? Just because they have not got the ability to speak English or read and write!! If only the police were able to do the day job and protect life and property prevent and detect crime instead of running round in circles trying to be social engineered by people who really do not like you.

retired brief (17/03/23 @ 09:54)

In addition to the various police alphabet soup associations, I think that there should be a Police Paranoid Schitzophrenic Association, where members could meet, suitable armed, and greet each other with their Association greeting 'who are you looking at'. Plenty of senior officers in it, especially those who have relatively mild critical comments on them deleted on this site. I was thinking of joining but decided against it as they would all be talking about me!

Squadman (17/03/23 @ 12:31)

Judging by what these three ripe specimens of humanity are saying, it appears to me that they’re advocating an ‘us & them’ society, when really they should be supporting a more cohesive one – or am I missing something?

Bob (21/03/23 @ 20:19)

As the police can't win whatever they try do, they'd be as well raising the standard for everybody, and just refusing to play a pandering 'different expectations' game. Nothing less than the same standards and expectations should be acceptable for everybody, and if some people can't make the grade, so be it.

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