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Degree entry students can transfer onto force's new training scheme

Anon (27/03/23 @ 12:31)

I hate to say “I told you Soâ€쳌 but I and many others did! I was called a blocker and a dinosaur when I raised questions about degree only entry routes. I clearly recall a certain Superintendent saying, “This is happening, and we need to “Fly with the prevailing Windâ€쳌 (Yes, I was nearly sick too) Now its all coming crashing down, will anyone from the CoP or the government be held to account for pushing this failed concept through on to an embattled and collapsing police service? Attrition rates are huge, despite forces and CoP trying to spin the figures. Many new officers cannot cope with study and the job at the same time, this was always going to a problem when operational reality and demand met the demands of the degree and protected learning time. Those that do attain their degree are exiting for better paid jobs in the private sector without the dangers and responsibilities of policing nor the constant fear of losing their jobs (for mistakes made in the chaos of operational policing) or being caught in the crosshairs of an IOPC investigation. Close attention needs to be given to recruitment and retention as part of a Royal Commission in to policing and the wider criminal justice landscape. It is simply too important to be left to individual forces to try and interpret the current entry routes and navigate around the barriers put in place by Cop

Old Skool Kind of Guy (27/03/23 @ 13:20)

how very sensible

paul webb (27/03/23 @ 17:57)

I have been saying this for years. But people like us at the bottom of the greasy pole are never listened to.

Thewayitwas (28/03/23 @ 11:12)

Hampshire are certainly leading the way for change even if it’s back to where we used to be for example the opening a closed front desk ! The current management are fixing the mess the government led cuts did to our service and are focused on what matters. And yes it hasn’t been often in the last 20 years I could sound so positive.

Anonymous (28/03/23 @ 12:48)

Well done Sir. A great move

OldSchool (30/03/23 @ 15:50)

My son has just joined West Mids. He was just about to join on the degree course when they opened up another pathway for existing police staff, PCSOs and specials. No degree to complete and a higher starting wage. We have been closing the door on so much potential. Hopefully things might start to change.

SAE (30/03/23 @ 16:07)

Interesting. A question must be, how relevant is the Policing Degree training paid for by the Constabularies and especially the Met who have contracted it out? The Met has admitted in its change program that the graduate training needs to be more relevant to Policing needs. So does the attitude of management. The Hampshire PCC is uncharacteristically good at her job.

Anonymous (30/03/23 @ 16:50)

Shock horror, another of the College of Policings initiatives shown to be utterly dreadful!

Anonymous (30/03/23 @ 17:37)

The wheel being re-invented once again!

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