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Some forces have 'abandoned impartiality' says Home Secretary

Squadman (26/04/23 @ 14:26)

And why has this lamentable state of affairs come about? Simply because simpering, whimpering chief officers of police have been slavishly following the diktats of their political masters for their self-aggrandisement. It has filtered down through the ranks and has resulted in the present day apologetic police force. Oh, the present Home Secretary wants to change all that, concentrate on serious crime and cut paperwork; but where have I heard all that before?

Mullers (26/04/23 @ 14:44)

Oh the irony of it all.

MT (26/04/23 @ 14:48)

The Home Secretary says police need to be on the side of the public. What she really means is the side of people who support her and her sub culture within the Tory party. No appreciation that the public is made up of many communities. More decisive rhetoric from the Braverman.

Softly Softly (26/04/23 @ 14:51)

The Hone Secretary is stating what has been blindingly for quite a considerable period of time, and it's getting worse day by day, the question is will the NPCC and CoP both so deeply ingrained in non police activities and/or 'woke' take any notice? The NPCC needs a damn good clear out and or a kick up its backside and the CoP, the hotbed of think 'aka' septic tank garbage, needs to be abolished.

Softly Softly (26/04/23 @ 14:55)

Ms Braverman rightly see's ONE community the police should be serving, not the multi community nonsense created and perpetuated by the Diversity Industry which without division would cease to be!

ebp cop (26/04/23 @ 15:00)

13 years of the conservatives. Comments that blame the NPCC and Chiefs miss the main culprit - 13 years of cuts, neglect and political interference.

Anonanon (26/04/23 @ 16:27)

Meanwhile,in other news... buoyed by the raid on the pub in Grays...it's rumoured Essex are setting up a task force to track down any ex members of the Black and White minstrel troupe who may still reside in its boundaries.

Jensen2021 (26/04/23 @ 20:43)

I’m of course sceptical as to whether this will really go anywhere, but, as much as I’m not a fan of Suella Braverman, she has completely hit the nail on the head. There’s so much nonsense in the job that could be abolished - quango bodies, departments that contribute very little to day to day policing but are staffed with numerous highly paid senior officers, certain civilian staff such as crime auditors who are a hindrance to common sense policing. So much money could be saved and the efficiency and respect I’d like to think would increase. It’s not just the police either, these exact same things happen in the NHS as friends/family who work in the NHS tell me, and if anything, they make the police look efficient!

Simon (26/04/23 @ 22:17)

What the bloody hell does she mean by 'common sense' policing? That is so braid brush it is meaningless. I would be the first to agree that diversity training is merely a case of ensuring officers treat everyone with dignity and respect, and publicly supporting certain minority groups infers partiality, but her simplistic arguments show a serious lack of awareness of policng the grey areas that make operational delivery such a challenge.

Softly Softly (27/04/23 @ 04:18)

Fact is Diversity 'Training' isn't required, all you need to TELL officers is to treat everyone equally and fairly under the law, no more no less. You don't need vast departments or an industry to accomplish this - like many I suspect I cringe every time I see the word 'diversity' in an article.

paul webb (27/04/23 @ 07:44)

The beauty of the article it is an Asian female who is saying it. I can imagine the howls of outrage if a white male politician came out with this. CoP NPCC etc. have been in thrall to the diversity industry for decades. It is now so ingrained into everything that they say and do. policing is really not rocket science. It is dealing with people good bad black white but always people. Having officers who can actually talk to people and show common sense compassion and enforce the law are what is required.

Mullers (27/04/23 @ 10:41)

Too busy trying please everybody and anybody…….you can only spin so many plates at a time before they start falling and smashing. A Royal Commission is needed more than ever.

Anthony (27/04/23 @ 14:31)

Sounds like this Home Secretary is talking sense and is a supporter of old fashioned policing. Hope she can reverse the undermining of the police service it has endured since Theresa May started the misinformation tsunami.

agah@blueyonder.co.uk (27/04/23 @ 16:04)

Under no circumstances does this Home Sec have any credibility nor does she have the right to try and politicise policing any further. In short she is pushing for a “boot boy” approach to policing that is utterly reductive, counterproductive and not to mention just plain daft! Take your xenophobic policies and go…

Guest (27/04/23 @ 17:06)

You're absolutely deluded! Given the vast majority of our time is dealing with Mental Health and Missings, her back to basics is nothing but political grandstanding hoping to please the right.

Guest (27/04/23 @ 17:08)

It's pathetic really. If you think that our time is wasted on 'woke' nonsense, then must include Mental Health and Missings in that category.

Guest (27/04/23 @ 17:11)

@Softly Softly you seem to have an agenda that has nothing to do with the real problems the police are facing today.

Jensen2021 (27/04/23 @ 21:16)

As I’ve said, I’m not a fan of Suella Braverman, I’m not a Tory or right wing for the record. But she is essentially saying that the police are meant to uphold the law impartially. That doesn’t mean she’s advocating that the police go back to the 1970’s or 80’s (society, including the police have moved on a lot since then in their attitudes - btw, a few idiots in the Met sending offensive messages to each other is not representative of attitudes within the police) That’s therefore not being xenophobic. That’s a big accusation to blindly throw about. She’s asking the police to get back to doing their jobs fairly and respectfully, (as most do anyway) but without pandering to and appeasing political groups

ASG (28/04/23 @ 09:41)

The Tory party have been angling for the police since the late 80s and all through the 90s. One of the first things Cameron, a notorious disliker of the police did was set up an enquiry into police reform. He used like minded colleagues and public servants like May, Herbert and Winsor to drive through the reforms, many replicating the Sheehey recommendations and he used the anti police press to drive home the narrative that reform was essential to drive out bad practice and offer value for money to the public. Since when have politicians been bothered about value for money.

ASG (28/04/23 @ 09:49)

I have to say this, I would not be serving tea to demonstrators under any circumstances, anyone telling me to do so would have been politely but firmly put in their place. We done serve tea. It’s easy to say what we would do if we were in similar circumstances, I don’t know why officers allowed anyone to pull down a statue, maybe they didn’t have the resources.

Bob (29/04/23 @ 17:52)

The ones making the decisions didn't have the backbone more like. They all know how they 'should' be dealing with these issues... but they're not doing it. To be fair, maybe they really don't understand how they should be dealing with yobs causing criminal damage and obstructing the highway, even though everybody else does.

Bob (29/04/23 @ 18:02)

The overwhelming majority of officers don't need 'diversity training', and anyone who does shouldn't have got in in the first place. It's all just part of the 'treat everyone the same... but treat some differently' nonsense.

A-non-e-mouse (30/04/23 @ 10:37)

13 years ago when the Conservatives came to power I remember a conversation stating that if Camerons proposals came to fruition it would be the demise of policing. Here we are today with policing (and most areas of the public service) in a complete disastrous mess. I agree with some of Ms Braveman's comments, however the responsibility for what has occurred sits within parliament, policing has become politicised.

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