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Met Commissioner shouldn't have returned to force claims MP

paul webb (27/04/23 @ 07:56)

Wow Anderson does not hold back does he? He does have some valid points in that Rowley has been in the Met before and since having come back after a stunning period of leadership in Surrey 2009-11 where he blew a few million on a failed IT system. But never mind it is only taxpayers money.

Softly Softly (27/04/23 @ 10:45)

Not sufficient to bring DICK out of retirement with questionable results, the Government have done the same with ROWLEY. Sadly though doesn't it just demonstrate the lack of any useful or meaningful policing talent forming the current and alas the future NPCC, that you have to resort recycling retired people themselves perhaps of dubious talent when active.

Springbok223 (27/04/23 @ 12:05)

Well what has Rowley actually done since he became Commissioner, nothing of note, just rattled on about sacking people and little else. His deputy, Mrs Anonymous is so silent I am beginning to think she has lost her voice, or has she left the Met.

Bob French (27/04/23 @ 13:59)

100% agree. The odd tweet does get sent though, so I'm sure the staff and citizens of the Capital are reassured. Poor appointments on both counts.

Guest (27/04/23 @ 17:01)

Like him or not, Rowley is a colleague and his treatment by the walking mouth was a disgrace. I can't believe the comments on here supporting the useless Anderson.

Jensen2021 (27/04/23 @ 20:48)

It’s interesting that even the police bashing media seemed to have sided with the commissioner. The Huff Post seemed very proud that in their words, ‘the Commissioner schooled Anderson on the law.’ ‘and that ‘Anderson’s accusations against the commissioner backfired spectacularly.’

ASG (28/04/23 @ 09:57)

Anderson is a blustering buffoon who seems to have discovered his new found love of his own opinion and voice because he is a regular guest on GDNews….. that’s where other buffoons like Farage, Fox, Davis and other social and political commentators get to air their deeply held opinions and present them as if they are unquestioned fact. It seems to me other msm outlets take a dim view of GBNews because it is more right than left, it is very much opinion based which seems convenient since opinion based articles are sanctioned by Ofcom

Springbok223 (04/06/23 @ 09:21)

Rowley, the man who wasted 15 million on a crap Computer System for Surrey. he has done nothing of note since joining the Met. people might not like the MP but he has cornered Rowley on the obstruction of the |Highway, those people should have been removed, not left to cause chaos, sit them on the pavement, not on the road.

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