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Chief Superintendent cleared of drunkenly assaulting wife

Captainover (16/05/23 @ 12:26)

No doubt the IOPC will want a head for their trophy cabinet despite the court ruling.

jdp384 (16/05/23 @ 13:29)

Not really a Court ruling. He’s been very fortunate so far. And why shouldn’t he face the same process as any other officer?

Mullers (16/05/23 @ 13:56)

What is happening lately with senior management…..suddenly the untouchables are becoming touchable.

Bob French (16/05/23 @ 14:25)

Yes, but let's be fair, they seem to enjoy doing it to the more junior ranks. We're all equal after all.

Bob French (16/05/23 @ 14:26)

He used the wrong phone....

Springbok223 (16/05/23 @ 14:28)

Very lucky to get off that offence, perhaps he will not be so lucky at the Disciplinary Hearing.

Old Skool Kind of Guy (16/05/23 @ 15:26)

get off? you mean acquitted.

paul webb (17/05/23 @ 08:01)

Drunk on three large glasses of wine!! Lightweight. Acquitted at Crown Court that should be the end of the matter. However IOPC will be polishing up a space in the trophy cabinet just in case. If he was a mere Pc he would be toast at this point but I dare say he will be getting a slap on the wrist and told not to be a naughty boy in the future. Different rules for the "we will not tolerate" brigade

retired brief (17/05/23 @ 08:42)

He may have been acquitted of any offences due to the technicalities of the law, but his behaviour was an absolute disgrace. I bet his neighbours were not too impressed by having to watch a domestic taking place so publicly and disturbing their peace. Kind of thing you would expect on a rough council estate after a boozy night out and really does require exactly the same kind of disciplinary action the we will not tolerate brigade would undoubtedly bring against a junior officer in the same circumstances.

Anthony (18/05/23 @ 21:38)

Sorry, but isn’t a wife now a compellable witness, and can be treated by the court as a hostile witness?

Annoymous. (19/05/23 @ 07:57)

Some of them, there are many up and down the counrtry who are sexual harassment and racists with multiple complaints that are covered up.

Springbok223 (22/05/23 @ 10:22)

It makes you wonder how he managed to get to that high rank. He isn't much of a drinker if he was drunk after just three glasses of red wine.Perverse decision by the Judge. Must have been embarrassing for him to be handcuffed.

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