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PC dismissed after lying about being absent because of jury duty

Bob French (16/05/23 @ 14:23)


Springbok223 (16/05/23 @ 14:24)

Sorry, but the man is an idiot telling lies as he did. No sympathy whatsoever.

Softly Softly (16/05/23 @ 15:02)

A liar is a liar and policing is no place for people with that failing - the jobs well rid!

retired brief (16/05/23 @ 15:38)

Woder how much service he had, what his bacxkground was and how he was vetted? Or was he just part of the numbers game?

Guest (16/05/23 @ 20:47)

Well seeing there was a rapist in the Force, who joined over 20 years ago, I would say those factors probably had nothing to do with it.

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