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Fed members win £65,000 damages after IPCC investigation

Mullers (17/05/23 @ 16:37)

There is a god.

paul webb (17/05/23 @ 16:46)

11 years and all they had to pay was £65,000 plus a letter of apology that last one must have hurt. Then they still whinge that it was not their fault but blaming everyone else. They really are behold the pale

Anonanon (17/05/23 @ 21:44)

Let's see a a bit more of this please...

retired brief (17/05/23 @ 22:44)

Let us hope this will reign in the OIPC crusade against police officers come what may, throwing them and their families under a bus. Money counts as it always does and if tis is the start of the OIUPC

retired brief (17/05/23 @ 22:47)

Sorry, cut of short, if this is the start of the OIPC coming to account in economic terms for their activities it is most welcome.

Springbok223 (18/05/23 @ 10:09)

The IOPC trying to blame the IPCC, just blaming themselves, they have had the case for some considerable time and done little towards its finalization. The Tortoise Dept failed again. Pity the money comes from the tax payers and not out of their own pockets, that might make the iOPC pull their 'fingers out ' and get on with simple cases in just a couple of months. 11 years is just a national disgrace and there should be sackings for someone over this case. No doubt it started under that Woolly Headed Owers woman who didn't have a clue.

Squadman (18/05/23 @ 11:41)

What a mealy-mouthed non-apology. All right, we apologise – but – it wasn’t our fault. No individuals were responsible for the delay. What the Police Federation said was misleading. And what about the dead man’s family, eh? What about them? What a slimy, arrogant bunch they are. Let’s see a few more cases like this; it may appear that they’re on the back foot, but they’re not, just yet.

Beenthere (18/05/23 @ 11:58)

But no individuals were to blame! Ha!

DOUGLAS (18/05/23 @ 15:57)

Typical it’s not our fault. But somebody’s else.

Anon (18/05/23 @ 23:55)

The cash settlement appears to be very low considering the impact upon the individuals concerned. I would have thought ten times that amount for each officer would have been more reasonable. Perhaps the fact that the money was coming out of the publics taxation was a factor for the decision makers.

MiddyKid (19/05/23 @ 17:15)

Laughable settlement for 11 years of anguish. The Fed are such a joke they don’t even know it! Where else would you get 11 years of life limiting stress for £65k?

Springbok223 (22/05/23 @ 10:25)

What a surprise, the Paper Tiger Brigade taking the IPOC to a tribunal, they hate spending their money, unless it is for s drink.

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