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TAC Matt Twist provides details of grounds for ‘locking on’ arrests

Mullers (17/05/23 @ 12:11)

I knew Twisty when he joined as a Pc on accelerated promotion. He was a nice lad and I later heard he looked after his troops…..just hope he hasn’t changed.

Blackstock (17/05/23 @ 15:01)

There is never any proper discussion about the arrest necessity criteria and how they should be applied in any given scenario. For example, I worked with former custody sergeants, one of whom would have been happy to accept an arrest for a minor offence which required no interview, and for which a charge was anticipated, on the understanding that the charging process was an investigative process, and so the criterion of ensuring the prompt and effective of the matter was fulfilled. My other custody colleague did not agree. (One would allow a release on bail and return in order to participate in VIPER, whilst the other wouldn't, as this was a voluntary process and his participation could not be compelled. The Scots have the best arrest process as per the 2016 Criminal Justice legislation, including a requirement to provide your full details.

paul webb (17/05/23 @ 17:09)

I am amazed that there is such an ongoing navel gazing exercise still going on with self important MP's whinging about the poor dears who were detained for a few hours. Not one of them has been charged. The coronation went off without a serious incident and so well done to one and all who enabled this once in a generation event to go ahead so peacefully.

Softly Softly (17/05/23 @ 19:12)

Moot point but who enacted the legislation? LOL.

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