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Officer who had probation extended dismissed after sickness lie

Captainover (17/05/23 @ 15:55)

Problem is a lot of the kids working in the police treat it like a Saturday job at Woolworths. They don’t understand how important or serious a job policing is.

Blackstock (17/05/23 @ 19:32)

How did it come to light that she told a colleague she was planning on lying? I take it he or she bubbled her? The right thing to do but can't help feeling that it leaves a bad taste. A SIM?! When I was going through initial training, prior to starting residential training, just before Noah started to round up the animals, a colleague missed the morning portion of the third day as his house had been burgled overnight and he was waiting for police to attend. When he arrived in the afternoon, he had to sign the book for a SWW. He was told that his job took priority over being a victim. Imagine that now!!

Guest (17/05/23 @ 21:53)

Good riddance! But if you pay peanuts...

retired brief (17/05/23 @ 23:01)

Another one getting through the so called vetting procedures and satisfying diversity counting numbers game. With no chance, whatsoever, of being an efficient police officer on the streets dealing with the great unwashed, thugs, drug dealers and organised criminal groups. It really is the fact that us old Dynosaurs despair, even though we ruled the streets in our time. Could go on, but too late!

paul webb (18/05/23 @ 08:34)

Yet another story of an officer telling porkies and getting found out and sacked. Not a problem with that. But why oh why do the police keep thinking that publishing the results of the tribunals puts them in any good light with the public. It just gives the MSM more ammunition to fire at the police to feed its current anti police narrative. Look they are saying the police are corrupt useless woke etc. The tragedy is that this is becoming the accepted view of the police because they keep feeding the public with stories such as this. Fine have the tribunal sack or discipline the officer but keep it in house.

Springbok223 (18/05/23 @ 10:42)

Stupid female, no sympathy whatsoever.

Squadman (18/05/23 @ 11:49)

Very well put, Captainover.

PC McGarry #452 (18/05/23 @ 12:56)

Most of the folk joining these days won't even know what Woolworths is! Or Presto. Or Goldbergs.

Anthony (18/05/23 @ 21:46)

Retired brief@ As Dinosaur's We would be know as Megasaurarses!

Softly Softly (19/05/23 @ 07:02)

@paul webb: You make a very valid point re publicising errant officers, most employers deal with such matters 'in house' and they rightly don't get to see the light of day in the public domain. It can only be the case that NPCC officers are trying to prove they are 'on top of things and doing their job'. Well were that the case policing wouldn't be in its current dire state and that includes making the right choices of who to recruit based solely on ability and not paying attention to quotas etc. etc, but alas those selecting were no doubt selected on the latter basis and quite clearly not on ability - so like attracts like.

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