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PC spared prison after making false DA claims against former Sgt

Springbok223 (22/05/23 @ 16:06)

Lets hope she gets the sack, a very nasty and lying female with no integrity whatsoever. She should be in prison for 2 years not on a suspended, weak Judge again.

Mullers (22/05/23 @ 16:42)

What an absolute nightmare for the poor skipper. It’s becoming very dangerous to be a male in todays police….I pray he gets rightly compensated.

Blackstock (22/05/23 @ 16:52)

Wow! A suspended sentence whilst her lies sent an innocent MAN to gaol. Who could have foreseen that?! Apart from everyone with a Y chromosome? I have no doubt she will be relying on the female card at any disciplinary. "I only lied about him controlling me etc cos Im just a poor wee vulnerable girl, trying to survive in this patriarchy" . Sob, sob.

Bob French (22/05/23 @ 18:39)

She ought to be sat in a cell for the next 3 years. CPS ought to appeal this lenient sentence.

Softly Softly (22/05/23 @ 20:03)

Safest bet now for a male officer is perhaps to state they are transgender thus rendering themselves protected.

Anon (22/05/23 @ 22:35)

Let's hope Sgt Taylor has some good legal representation and takes Surrey Police to task over his dismissal and seeks suitable compensation.

XKnotscop (23/05/23 @ 07:28)

Absolute joke of a sentence. Had this been the other way around we would have had................ (fill in the blanks yourself)

paul webb (23/05/23 @ 08:19)

Elsewhere a pc gets jail time for dangerous driving. True the lad involved is in a life changing condition and given the extent of his injuries custodial was always on the cards. However this one conducted a long devious and calculated campaign against the other officer which resulted in him doing 2 months inside and the loss of his job. Not a single day inside for this. An absolute disgrace. If it was not for his mother uncovering her lies he would still be considered guilty. His own force effectively believed everything she said without challenge. I do hope he sues everyone involved in this fiasco and wins big.

retired brief (23/05/23 @ 13:52)

This just about sums it up. This little lying bovine has her ex partner imprisoned by lying through her teeth and he is only released after some detective work by his MOTHER!!!! The little bovine gets a suspended sentence which beggars belief. Wonder what the poisoned dwarf and Harriet Harman would make of this case with their draconian recommendations to crucify the police come what may.

Bob French (25/05/23 @ 10:01)

He should be reminding the CPS to appeal this sentence in the strongest terms. Imagine being in his shoes, on a VP wing, knowing you're innocent while your accuser sits at her desk, supported by colleagues, knowing that she's fabricated the whole thing.

Anonymous (25/05/23 @ 12:18)

Hang on a minute, so the male officer that suffered these lies, lost his job and was put in jail and no doubt suffering being a convicted cop on prison and a female gets a suspended sentence

XKnotscop (25/05/23 @ 12:21)

If I am correct would the sentence not trigger a K5 Pension issue. She has used her policing knowledge and met the victim through her Police role(iffy I know) to commit these horrendous crimes with him ultimately being a victim. I do hope the Surrey PCC and PSD seriously consider this and hammer her on this front.

DOUGLAS (25/05/23 @ 12:22)

She should be jailed big time.

Donnygaz (25/05/23 @ 12:31)

Worrying times….. it appears if you are accused as a cop these days, especially as a certain sex then it’s like monopoly, go to jail do not pass Go, do not get believed by CPS, do not get a fair trial, the courts do not need evidence to prove beyond all reasonable doubt as if the victim says it happened then send him down……. I hope real justice is finally served on this one

Thewayitwas (25/05/23 @ 13:49)

All the comments absolutely sum this up. I’m moving backwards to the the investigation. Was another side investigated as obviously there should be in any allegation. Did anyone listen to him and try and disprove or prove any suspected lies or information passed ? . Were the investigators up to a suitable standard and experienced enough to actually conduct such an investigation. If they were and his side was put across in a fair and balanced way then they escape criticism. Which leaves CPS.

Anonymous (25/05/23 @ 15:19)

I think he got jailed one inevitably due to breach of bail, as courts hate that police or non police. Even if she was nasty he should've known better than to breach bail it's contempt of court.

Anonymous (25/05/23 @ 15:20)

I just tell everyone I'm disabled and non binary and self identify as Aboriginal. And never get any bother at all. Everyone is scared of me.

Anonymous (25/05/23 @ 15:35)

In fairness it seems only right to me that she goes to jail.

Jensen2021 (26/05/23 @ 18:04)

Absolutely. Certain politicians, activists, journalists who have an agenda, are suddenly disinterested in a fair trial and due process when it fits their narrative.

GM 27 (27/05/23 @ 18:01)

My ex in GMP made up all types of allegations using her knowledge of DA as she worked in that department in GMP. Ultimately I got dismissed she kept her job! Despite GMP having proof she had assaulted me and was staking me. All the investigators were women and had or were having relationship issues at the time. I was always going to get the boot. PSB , GMP are as corrupt and biased as they come.

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