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Performance and Disciplinary Bill put forward by Mayor of London and MP

Mullers (22/05/23 @ 16:31)

Can we see this being applied to MP’s as well ?

Anonanon (22/05/23 @ 17:29)

More cynical tub thumping from Citizen Khan and his fellow travellers... At some point the political pinata that policing today has become will burst and it wont be candy pouring out but fed up officers putting their papers in and moving on and not looking back. The constant vilification of police will only come back to haunt those who seek political mileage out of it.

Softly Softly (22/05/23 @ 19:52)

There is no way such draconian and unfair conditions would be acceptable, they are a complete violation of a persons freedom and dignity - police safeguard the rights and freedoms of others but seemingly are to have none of their own - who in their right mind would join such an organisation, more to the point those already in will vote with their feet, end result - a collapse of society into disorder and anarchy - if it goes through woe betide the UK.

Blackstock (22/05/23 @ 20:05)

I don't think anyone can argue against the timely dismissal of someone convicted of a serious criminal offence. But who decides on what is serious? Likewise with suspension following on automatically from a charge relating to a serious crime. But so long as it's remembered that the presumption of innocence must prevail. I have grave concerns about forfeiting a pension if the guilty conduct was not directly related to the job. Pension forms part of the pay and conditions. What next? Seek to claw back a portion of paid salary?

Jensen2021 (22/05/23 @ 21:03)

The vast amount of police who are dismissed, are because their own colleagues reported their misconduct. I wouldn’t be surprised if the police are better at this than a lot of other professions. A few extreme cases don’t change that fact generally. Furthermore, why do politicians, the media and activist groups only focus on misconduct in the police, as if every other profession with a duty of care is squeaky clean?

FlatCapMcDougal (22/05/23 @ 22:16)

Never paid in to police pension, what will they come after my house car……. Oh wait maybe they will

Anon (22/05/23 @ 22:42)

Indeed. See events in the USA for the evidence e.g. San Francisco. Local activist groups and left leaning Mayors who advocated de-funding police are now u-turning in the face of exploding crime rates and serious violence.

Anon (22/05/23 @ 22:45)

Mullers. Of course, it will never apply to MP's. They are the hypocrites and seek to deflect and disassemble their wrongdoing, which per head is far more previlant in parliament than within policing.

paul webb (23/05/23 @ 08:09)

So glad I am retired and no longer have to put up with this insanity. The police have the most draconian rules and regulations of any profession bar the military Now the poisoned dwarf and the MP'S are demanding even more, effectively suspending officers on the basis of an unfounded complaint. At this rate there will be nobody left on the streets. No problem with officers being immediately dismissed if convicted of a serious offence. Pensions have been paid for and it is not the right of anyone to snatch this off even a guilty officer. Do they go for corrupt politicians pensions? They do realise that most officers who end up in the brown sticky smelly stuff these days do so because they are grassed up by their own colleagues or do they think these officers are caught out by journalists from the Guardian or the muppet squad. If the aim was to neuter the police and turn it into a woke snowflake organisation that is more concerned with touchy feely issues than doing its prime job of protecting life and property preventing and detecting crime. Then they are well on their way to achieving total success

Mullers (23/05/23 @ 10:45)

I couldn’t agree more about being retired and now longer any part of this sad circus policing has become. I feel for my friends and colleagues still trying do an impossible job when up against clowns like Khan and Harman looking at political point scoring. You’ve only got to look at what’s just happened in South Wales to see what’s happening out there……be aware you liberal elite it’s coming to a street near you…..be careful what you wish for !

Thewayitwas (23/05/23 @ 12:34)

Contrary to some views The Police or ex Police are the best at investigating the corrupt individuals that give the service a bad name. They have they skills, much experience and that coppers nose that you just can’t write in a book to quickly identify the wrong ones.

ASG (23/05/23 @ 13:19)

Before becoming a politician, Khans job was suing the police via civil law made even more easy by Human Rights legislation introduced by the mendacious shyster Tony Blair. Like Cameron before him and May, he dislikes the police yet requires 24/7 armed security provided by police through taxation. He has no problem with a police officer taking a bullet for him, beyond that he doesn’t like or trust us. As far as Harman is concerned, seagull cack has followed her throughout her career, Old Labour and New Labour if subjected to the police discipline code she’d have gone years ago. I remember police officers being sacked on conviction for minor offences, low level traffic, Expired RFL, document offences, never mind serious offences. We all know what a serious offence is, either way offences and others. I suspect the goalposts will shift to include offences of dishonesty and dare I say it “gross stupidityâ€쳌 if this legislation is introduced….. I was surprised to learn not only had the Met retained so many with court convictions although we don’t know the offences being spoken of, Rowley and Khan have been very opaque when it comes to explaining the offences thousands of officers have been convicted of and subsequently need sacking. The real surprise was that applicants with a cro number are employed. I knew references on some applications lived abroad and this was considered acceptable but not having face to face interviews is stupid beyond belief. Those could only be Home Office approved recruitment policies. Cameron, May and Winsor introduced serious reform almost identical to reforms recommended by Sheehey in the early 90s. They completely brushed aside Federation concerns, it was all May could do to ignore the Federation other than to cut Home Office funding to a staff association……. As soon as Khan realised he could pension-grab, he’s been trying to on that with stronger legislation. There has to be some protection against a grandstanding, self serving, anti police politician who could and would make a grab for pension contributions from any officer sacked from the service. I wouldn’t trust Khan not to move the goalposts once the legislation is approved to include contributions from all sacked officers. As a serving police officer making pension contributions, the deal was my contributions were protected. They were never available to be seized on the say-so of a politician should I transgress or stray from the path. How many bites of the cherry does Khan want. If this legislation were introduced, serving police officers will transfer their pension contributions, recruits will not contribute to the police pension fund and a major financial protection for police officers injured as a result of their police duties will be removed at the stroke of a pen by a politician whose own pension contributions are safe as houses. I know the job has had issues, many as a result of political interference and reform. The Federation should be fighting this tooth and nail or demanding union representation similar to that enjoyed by the Fire Service and other public sector employees…. Surely the Home Office has a moral and legal obligation to protect police officers work place conditions, not allow politicians to erode them.

retired brief (23/05/23 @ 13:30)

Draconian Stalinist recommendations from the poison dwarf, who is claiming he is mentally damaged by PTSD and Harriet Harman who was the legal officer of the National Council for Civil Liberties when it gave the Monsters and Beasts from the Paedophile Information Exchange, Affiliated Status to the NCCL! So it seems that police officers and their families are to be thrown under a bus whenever any spurious complaint is made against them (and they will increase as the damage they can cause is seized upon) whilst child abusers must have their civil liberties protected whatever they get up to. You could not dream this up! Note also the reports of the epidemic of sexual abuse in the NHS reported in the media today (25/05) but were is the Tsunami of outrage and demands to treat nursing and medical staff the same way that these two are trying to do with the police.

jerry (23/05/23 @ 15:01)

I agree with all except the description of Blair..! He attended the anti Sheehy meeting in Wembley and gave the speech stating Sheehy would not be imposed on police whilst he had power and he was in opposition then. It was not when he became prime minister! Cameron was, apparently, a “goferâ€쳌 on the Sheehy team and resented police for winning…so I have read! The sponsors and supporters of this bill are, and always were, no friends of the police!. The human rights bill worked well in favour of police as well as against it..! Getting rid of it means another layer of protection is gone from the common citizen and police are citizens as well..!

Springbok223 (23/05/23 @ 16:34)

if all those MP's who 'fiddled' their expenses had been dismissed, the H of Commons would only have had approx 9 sitting in the house. Very funny how Teflon Blairs expenses were very ''accidentally' shredded, I wonder why.

Jensen2021 (26/05/23 @ 17:43)

Interested to know who didn’t agree with what I thought was a perfectly reasonable point? Happy to discuss

Springbok223 (28/05/23 @ 08:31)

At only 5' 3'' in height, almost all the country look down on that piece of detritus called Mayor of London, Bus drivers son Khan. No doubt Rowley will agree with everything Khan says.

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