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Sadiq Khan to chair scrutiny board for Met reform

retired brief (23/05/23 @ 13:44)

I can see this lot growing like Topsy or the PCC movement, with a huge amount of sub committees with fanciful titles and grandiosely titled 'chief officers' staffed by card carrying members of the party. With Sadiq in charge taking copious amounts of tablets for his recently declared mental health problems. OH, and not forgetting the tea and biscuit logistic officers.

Mullers (23/05/23 @ 13:51)

“Prospective candidatesâ€쳌……..well no prizes for who that will be, any activist or group with an agenda to continue to pillory the police to satisfy their own self interests and make themselves feel better. Meanwhile Rowley ‘the nodding dog’ will continue to capitulate at the altar of the so called progressive hysterical new order. God help what’s left of the front line from this nest of vipers.

Softly Softly (23/05/23 @ 14:03)

I can't find words sufficient to express my feelings about KHAN and what appears to be his hatred of the MPS and perhaps policing itself, even more virulent than his hatred of cars using London, well actually I can find the words but sure they'd be deleted - the current trend!.

paul webb (23/05/23 @ 14:52)

This is like putting the foxes in charge of the hen house!! Every fringe anti police group in London will be queuing up to get onto this gravy train. Meanwhile the idiot Rowley is rolling over onto his back and asking for his tummy to be tickled by the poison dwarf. How has it come to this

Springbok223 (23/05/23 @ 16:39)

I knew Rowley would cave in to anything Khan wanted.

Anon (23/05/23 @ 16:52)

I understand representatives from BLM have already put forward a candidate and Reclaim the Streets have been sent an application pack.

Anon (23/05/23 @ 16:54)

I'm sure Rowley will relish presenting to this "Den of Vipers". He best wear his body armour to prevent being stabbed in the back!

Anonanon (23/05/23 @ 17:00)

I believe the criteria for consideration is 'Only those with axes to grind need apply' Applicants with qualities of an open mind, fairness and appreciation of due process will be paper sifted.

Softly Softly (23/05/23 @ 20:10)

I bet ROWLEY didn't bank on all this crap when he elected to take the Commissioners job to supplement his already generous pension - the principles some sacrifice for money!

KSD (24/05/23 @ 15:55)

Jobs for the boys - but it will be his boys sitting on these committees. Funding for policing has been severely cut so where is the money coming from to pay for these committees and no doubt, the main subcommittees that will be formed ??

Squadman (24/05/23 @ 16:00)

So many of us have demanded a Royal Commission, essential to sort out the catastrophic failures that have beset the Metropolitan Police – and instead, this is thought to be the answer: Sadiq Khan to oversee the reform of the Met. With the left-wing groups, the anarchists and all the other police-haters lining up to become members of the board, Khan has his first supporter – the Commissioner – who has supinely rolled over to be his best ever chum. What a feast these reforms will be – rather like engaging the late Rolf Harris to address a pre-pubescent girls’ school on the subject of morality.

SeanL (25/05/23 @ 12:58)

I thought Khan was the Policing Crime Commissioner for the Met anyway? Conflict? What the hell are his roles? Other PCCs would have resigned if both their Poiice and Fire services were placed on special measures. The man has no shame.

Anthony (25/05/23 @ 15:34)

O dear, just when I thought it could to get any worse, it did. Good bye efficient policing, hallo anarchy.

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