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IOPC calls for system to flag criminal allegations against officers

PC Nancy (23/05/23 @ 18:56)

Let’s roll the database out to all professions… Doctors, nurse, teachers etc etc

Softly Softly (23/05/23 @ 20:51)

Not forgetting religious organisations and of course the entertainment industry.

Anonanon (23/05/23 @ 22:14)

Where is all this leading? A compulsory nationwide data base of officer DNA? A requirement for all officers to flag their cars to DVLA as owned/driven by police? Warrant/collar numbers to be tattooed on the forehead? Any semblance of perspective has long since passed and torn to shreds by the media frenzy essentially around two high profile cases. Abetted by senior rank playing to the crowd.

Anon (23/05/23 @ 22:17)

@Softly Softly. Based upon recent conduct. Perhaps Cabinet Ministers and Prime Ministers should be the first to be included on such a data base. Opps! Sorry I forgot, they have different rules - dont they! "Nothing to see here"

pjf2036 (24/05/23 @ 13:44)

so you are a cop surely if you are arrested your home force should be informed as we clearly can not rely on the officers telling us! Is that so difficult to agree and comprehend?

Mike Hunt (24/05/23 @ 20:18)

I think that's the point. If you are arrested by officers who don't know you, they would have no way of knowing you were Old Bill unless you told them.

Jensen2021 (24/05/23 @ 21:28)

This case gets regurgitated in the media on an almost weekly basis, yet cases involving the professions you’ve mentioned get a fleeting mention for their horrific crimes, with nobody suggesting that such draconian rules should govern their lives.

Radarsradicals (25/05/23 @ 13:45)

Don't all serving officers have their fingerprints taken and added to the national database for crime scene elimination purposes? If arrested and processed surely there would be a hit on the database or have I got that wrong?

John (26/05/23 @ 12:08)

I’ve had hundreds of allegations made Honestly I never did anything wrong How will that hold up against me

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