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PSNI officer numbers 'unsustainable, dangerous, irresponsible'

Mullers (24/05/23 @ 16:05)

Amazing people that deserve better.

paul webb (25/05/23 @ 16:35)

The writing is on the wall. The UK government is preparing for the final pull out of Ireland. They have surrendered to SF/PIRA and are hoping that Eire will take over Ulster and it will be them that the terrorists in the Unionist communities will target. The shoddy Brexit deal. The pressure from the plastic Irish Americans etc. the demographic changes that are leading to a Catholic majority. Changing the name of the RUC to the PSNI to appease SF/PIRA was just another step on the road to a united Ireland and throwing the loyalists away as inconvenient reminders of our imperial past.

ASG (25/05/23 @ 21:34)

Ireland will not touch it with a barge pole, Northern Ireland is far too expensive, already £14-15 billion a year with the political parties demanding at least another billion to shore up failing institutions. All the time local politicians refusing to use their own revenue raising powers. Ireland for its part is spending £500 million over five years on cross border infrastructure initiatives, you just know where that money has been spent. Further to that the ROI has made no plan regarding a United Ireland since the signing of the GFA, certainly no willingness to incorporate Unionism into their culture. A border poll would not at this time usher in a United Ireland, more likely a SFIRa government in the ROI …….

John (26/05/23 @ 11:52)

There’s far too much Police in the PSNI Hundreds working from home Hundreds on the sick Hundreds looking a medical The force is one of the worst in the Uk

retired brief (26/05/23 @ 13:50)

Well John, I take it you are on a decent pension from PIRA then?

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