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Police Covenant to include measures for those who leave policing

Mullers (24/05/23 @ 15:08)

Police covenant….haven’t we heard this all before and nothing happened….more waffle, smoke and mirrors from people that really couldn’t give a toss. The only positive support I’ve ever seen is from immediate friends and colleagues that were supported by decent well intentioned management……if your lucky to have this it creates a healthy and happier workplace as opposed to beating everybody until morale improves.

real (24/05/23 @ 19:58)

As ex forces and ex police there is no real support. With regard to the police they (GMP) are the ones who cause the mental health issues not supporting officers and hounding them as it suits.

Softly Softly (25/05/23 @ 07:53)

In Internet parlance it amounts to WALOB.

retired brief (25/05/23 @ 18:14)

Bilge! Tell it to the we will not tolerate brigade and the IOPC.

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