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Force to roll out mandatory training to counter 'canteen culture'

Mullers (24/05/23 @ 15:45)

Meanwhile in other news another kid falls victim to knife crime while Mr & Mrs public are still waiting for the police to turn up and investigate the crime they reported…..hours…..days….weeks ago…..who knows and why bother.

Old Skool Kind of Guy (24/05/23 @ 16:08)

Met spent 10M on this sort of thing and called it Leading for London...this was 2018-20. anyone remember if it was any good?

Anonanon (24/05/23 @ 17:24)

As the MET got rid of its station canteens some years ago they'll have to come up with a new term for it. How about 'sitting at your desk grabbing a sandwich while you type up a report culture' Not as catchy is it

Softly Softly (24/05/23 @ 18:27)

How absolutely patronising and insulting!

Bob French (24/05/23 @ 18:41)


Anon (24/05/23 @ 18:48)

Mmmm. Not many canteens left to have a culture in...

Bob French (24/05/23 @ 20:08)

Remember the 'Plus' Programme......

Softly Softly (24/05/23 @ 20:59)

I'm often left wondering how these meek sensitive souls who can't take job banter for what it is, and I don't include sexual abuse or bullying in that category, cope out on the+ streets when they have abuse hurled at them- for Heaven's sake if you're that sensitive them just maybe policing isn't really for you is it - basically if you can't be adult and mature get out!

paul webb (25/05/23 @ 08:52)

Meanwhile the public watch as the police fail to do the basic job of protecting life and property preventing and detecting crime. Instead yet another in a very long line of touchy feely programmes to placate the anti police bodies and the current generation of thin skinned individuals who are incapable of dealing with the abuse that they get on the street but are quite capable of grassing up their colleagues for falling foul of the code of ethics in a heartbeat. Senior officers obviously never saw anything untoward as they whizzed up the greasy pole did they or they would have challenged it long ago.

retired brief (25/05/23 @ 10:15)

Should be titled 'Indoctrination training replaces canteen culture'.

Robert Charles (25/05/23 @ 12:26)

The public would much rather see this money spent on training officers to improve the unacceptably poor detection rates for burglary in particular and other crimes that are blighting their communities.

MB1 (25/05/23 @ 13:30)

Leadership ha ha ha . An oxymoron in the police service .

mr anonymous (26/05/23 @ 19:31)

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