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Pension payouts made 'all the more complex' by 43 force model

paul webb (14/09/23 @ 07:43)

All this chaos comes from the governments contempt for the police and the ability to change the long established pension provisions at the stroke of a pen. The failure of the federation to defend the membership from these imposed changes and the result is officers who appear to be on several different pension schemes at the same time. So they are paying more, working longer and getting less at the end of it. No wonder the retention rates are so low.

Mullers (14/09/23 @ 11:16)

Paul Webb - And to make it even worse the Fed have long been working with HMG against its own paying members. Collusion in order to keep the gravy train going and protect that cushy number with all its perks. They are beyond contempt.

jerry (14/09/23 @ 14:14)

@Mullers Absulute rubbish! Where’s your evidence for such slander..! I bet you are/were one of those holding court on the inability or wrongs whilst doing sweet F/A about it…!

Mullers (14/09/23 @ 15:44)

@jerry - LOL…..sweet FA…. I was in the pension challenge from the start. Have you not read the ET judgment against the Fed ?

Mullers (14/09/23 @ 20:18)

Meanwhile back to reality. On about 1 August 2019, the Government Legal Department conceded liability for unlawful age discrimination in the police pensions challenge on behalf of the Secretary of State for the Home Office. On about 23 October 2019, the Chief Constables/Commissioners of the Police Forces (represented by the NPCC) also conceded liability.

Mullers (14/09/23 @ 20:32)

@jerry - And all along I was committing libel……not slander !

Justthejob (19/09/23 @ 08:24)

And they will continue to discriminate when the reform is implemented next month!

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