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Met Police to issue payouts to women arrested at Sarah Everard vigil

Anonanon (14/09/23 @ 12:20)

Nice....pitch up at a gathering which was previously stopped by police.Throw yourself about a bit when you fail to leave as requested by police and get a payout at the end of it.

Mullers (14/09/23 @ 13:55)

What a surprise not. The Met should have fought this all the way but no…..now wait for the spin with poor Patsy appearing on every daytime TV in her quest for attention as the grift industry continues.

retired brief (14/09/23 @ 14:37)

Is she the one photographed urinating and defecating in front of the [police officer4s by way of so called freedom of protest?

Blackstock (14/09/23 @ 15:08)

I like how the apology from Findlay made a point of mentioning how it was women who felt let down by the Met etc So no men were appalled? When a man is attacked, a single man is the victim. When a woman is attacked, it is all womanhood everywhere who are victims. I see.

Blackstock (14/09/23 @ 15:30)

Was she? Er.....wouldn't mind seeing that. For research and stuff

Paul (14/09/23 @ 15:31)

It appears that Boris Johnson should complain about the Met because he lost his job through breaking lock down rules and perhaps he will get a big payout as well. the message sent out by this payout is all wrong.

paul webb (14/09/23 @ 17:37)

Sarah Everard's rape and murder was horrific That it was done by a serving officer just sickens everyone none more so than his colleagues who he betrayed by his depravity. However the protest that took place was always going to be a hiding to nothing for the police. Covid rules in place clearly prohibited this kind of gathering but it was allowed to go on for several hours until some of the ladies started to get feisty and that is when the trouble started with arrests being made. Now of course the ladies have managed to gouge the Met for an out of court settlement. Because the Met lawyers have told them you might win the case in court but it is going to cost you way more than anything you would pay out so settle and move on. If I was the Met I would send the bill to the government and tell them to pay it as it was their ill thought out Covid legislation that led to the situation happening in the first place.

Anon (14/09/23 @ 19:45)

Anonanon. How cynical. They were traumatised by their lived experiences at the protest. Monetary compensation couldn't have been further from their minds, they only went ahead with it on behalf of all thise oppressed by the evil Met. They are both donating their payouts to local charities in full! Okay, so the last bit is probably not accurate!

Jensen2021 (14/09/23 @ 21:38)

I’ve never seen a news story so badly bad dishonestly told to the public. The people who originally attended genuinely went for the reasons that hey said that they would. They laid flowers and then left. Groups of activists turned up, many with a well known anti police agenda to seek confrontation, I.e nothing to do with Sarah Everard or violence against women. Some injured female officers, some shouted to female Met officers that they hope that they get raped. And yet what happens? Patsy Stevenson, well known for Instagram attention seeking rather than genuine activism acts like she has just escaped from a World War Two Japanese prisoner of war camp, it’s pathetic to say the least. Yet literally nobody has challenged this. As stated, the Met are only paying out to save money, because being you know the Met, they’re pretty damn busy and seeking savings in their budget, so don’t want a lengthy legal battle. I haven’t seen such hyperbolic reporting over such a non story by the BBC. The BBC seem more outraged by this than the child grooming scandals in Rotherham involving young working class girls who were repeatedly raped and groomed for years. But then I guess the snooty BBC editors and researchers probably identify with an attention seeking middle class waster who hasn’t grown up, than working class girls who are actual victims

Big Bear (15/09/23 @ 00:56)

I totally agree with what you say about the Government paying the compensation which was incurred due to their ill-thought out Covid regulations.

PG (15/09/23 @ 11:46)

Policing Minister Chris Phillips had every opportunity on his TV rounds today to take responsibility for this, but failed to do so. Elected politicians bring these laws onto the statute books and leave law enforcement bodies to enforce them whether it's good law or not. I'm not sure what the police were supposed to do on that day, if they hadn't turned up to do their job the media & those same politicians would be demanding resignations of senior officers.

Squadman (15/09/23 @ 16:25)

Is it the old cynic in me that notes how protesting activists are suddenly transformed into victims? As the camera shutter clicks, the arrestees face is suddenly transformed into a look of pitiful agony and fear. Could it possibly – just possibly - be true that they flit from one anarchist-inspired demonstration to another with no interest whatever in any of the noble causes they’re supposed to be supporting? Or that they put deliberately put themselves in that situation of being arrested so that claims can be made against police with the predictable left-wing lawyers dipping their snouts into the cash-flow trough once it’s established that their clients were ‘traumatised, abused, assaulted and no longer have any trust in the police’? Is it possible – just possible – that this was a preconceived plan to get whimpering apologies from dopy senior police officers, a shedload of cash and the chance to appear on daytime TV in order to further dent public confidence in the police? No – surely not. That can’t be true, can it? No group of people could be so derisive, could they? And similarly, when the poor bloody thin blue line are forced into making arrests, courtesy of ill-thought out, knee-jerk legislation and everything goes wrong, do they get the backing they require from a bunch of over-promoted, snivelling bunch of apologists? Yes, dammit, of course they do – in the same way that I believe in fairies at the bottom of my garden.

retired brief (17/09/23 @ 15:58)

Totally agree Squadders, but you know, thinking outside the box, I think she should apply to join the job as a direct entrant superintendent to be promoted to ACC after lunch on day one. I mean just look at the photograph of her face, does it not say 'I will not tolerate' or what?

Thewayitwas (19/09/23 @ 12:03)

Who’d be a copper when the support is non existent. I’m the first in the queue to deal with the bad coppers but the officers who attended this demo were led terribly. And now the so called leadership sit there probably studying CCTV after the event and probably half of them have never ever even been in a violent situation. Robust policing is a favourite key word , well it’s about time that word is used with actions to fend off petty complaints like this and save the energy and money for the bad bad apples and if there are more bad coppers then quite rightly they need to go.

Tangi (19/09/23 @ 16:36)

We get more and more like American cops. Not our fault we were baited into breaking the rules. Some protests were allowed no matter what they did. For the Met to act as a bully in a protest about a serving officer raping and murdering a female, was stupid in the extreme. The American way of bully and use violence is not the way to police.

ASG (20/09/23 @ 02:54)

I remember reading an article in the police oracle written by a person I think was a serving officer who attended as a professional witness….. The article stated the vigil was facilitated by mostly female officers but several times during the day activists turned up, confronted the police and trie£ to force access to the band stand. One of the activists, Piers Morgan was escorted from the vigil. He goes on to say that later in the day, as it got dark, activists again attended, started to damage police vehicles, abuse officers and force access to the bandstand. I got the impression those women handcuffed were part of that group. Like nearly everyone else, I never knew or worked with Couzens and resent the suggestion from anyone, activists or commentators that because I am a police officer I am no better than him…..

Springbok223 (21/09/23 @ 11:29)

Typical 'holier than thou' comment from Harger, the Solicitor. Give the arrogant looking female a fiver and tell her to....................

Anonymous (21/09/23 @ 19:10)

Another absolute disgrace! And where is the government with their response to this idiocy when it was them who insisted that public gatherings at that time (due to Covid restrictions) were to be enforced robustly?

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