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Minister says forces should be ‘massively scaling up’ use of facial recognition

Anon (14/09/23 @ 19:14)

The view that if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear, is very true. However as we live in an increasingly anti authority, anti police country, where enforcement of the law, in particular if that enforcement is against certain vociferous individuals who believe that they are above accountability it will result in an industrial level of legal challenge.

Anon (14/09/23 @ 19:52)

Thank goodness for the wisdom, insight and years of legal / law enforcement experience of Chris Philp's! What a guy!

Anonymous (15/09/23 @ 19:02)

I do understand the desire by law enforcement to detect and punish everyone for every crime that they commits in their whole lives. However, there are other considerations, like personal privacy and even what level of authoritarian society do we want. I’m not sure that the population overall will tolerate this level of intrusion. When you submit your photo for a passport or driving license, you kind of expect that it will be used only for that purpose only and your right to some level of privacy will be honoured by your government. The minister is treading on thin ice here bordering on legalizing warrantless searches, and I think the people will be very much against his overreaching plan. Unless, of course, the people don’t matter in the UK any more and unrestricted government authority is the way forward.

paul webb (15/09/23 @ 20:08)

Very 1984

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