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IOPC calls for review of strip search powers after Child Q investigation

Guest (14/09/23 @ 12:25)

I cannot wait to retire now, the job now is not sustainable and you are one incident away from a financial nightmare.society with all its mock outrange against the police will get the police it deserves - one that will not do anything for fear of being sacked for honest held mistakes etc . There is no top cover protection anymore and I say this as one of the old sweats .No other job has this scrutiny and the job does not pay enough for all this risk .

BobbyP (14/09/23 @ 12:40)

Well said and perfectly put!

retired brief (14/09/23 @ 14:34)

More Americanisation of the British police in that the IOPC say the officers failed to consult with a supervisor before carrying out their duties. This is seen in US Youtube clips where obnoxious and unco-operative people being stopped checked by the police refuse to co-operate with the officers until their sergeant comes to the scene. Looks like we will be going the same way, with mass confrontations in a similar manner being encouraged by the idiots in the IOPC. Really is time for a root and branch shake up of policing in this country for a host of reasons, starting with the fact that the lunatics are running the asylum.

Blackstock (14/09/23 @ 15:01)

Interesting why one officer is only facing a meeting as opposed to a panel. Surely the narrative would be that he or she should have challenged the clearly egregious decisions and actions of the other three? Unless this officer has a protected characteristic......? I agree with the comment below about seeking supervisory permission. As the holder of the office of Constable, the power to act comes directly from legislation. And nothing should impact on that authority. Not supervisors or local policy etc. (The office of constable is a personal one, and each officer exercises power in their name with their ‘authority [being] original, not delegated, and exercised at his own discretion by virtue of his office’ (AG for New South Wales v Perpetual Trustees Ltd [1955] AC 457, PC).) I can't help but feel that this is yet another mountain made out of a mole hill. It is hard to imagine why the officers did not seek the presence of an appropriate adult. If they honestly didn't know the exact provisions then this is a learning opportunity. And I see this has already been highlighted. I only ever knew the exact ins and outs if it happened to be close to promotion exam time. I don't understand the allegation of discrimination ref race and gender. Teachers reported the suspicion that the pupil could have had cannabis. I would suspect that any pupil therefore was going to get the bend over and cough treatment. Why is the modern narrative now that only blacks and or females can be discriminated against? I rather suspect that gross misconduct will be found. And in this enlightened new era, all gross misconduct must result in dismissal. So these officers doing their best, if misguided best, to locate drugs, could well now be sacked and thrown to the wolves. I bet the girl can now longer trust police or authority figures....can no longer sleep or eat.....can no longer face crowds.....hasn't been able to concentrate at school etc etc etc. Maybe some blow would calm her jangled nerves.......

Paul (14/09/23 @ 15:19)

Perhaps the IOPC could speak to the organised crime gangs who use underage kids to deal and transport weapons and drugs around our towns and cities precisely because there is a reluctance to stop and search them. Are the teachers who provided the information that the search was based around being disciplined because they have clearly provided false information possibly because of the persons gender and race? Another victory for those who want anarchy on our streets.

anonpol (14/09/23 @ 17:04)

Let's be honest, the search of this girl was disgusting, unlawful, unnecessary and the adults responsible, police officers and school staff alike, should be held accountable. What on earth were they thinking? Maybe that's the point, they simply didn't think.

paul webb (14/09/23 @ 17:23)

Oh wow I bet you do a lot of street policing? So you would in effect ban the police from doing any kind of search if someone has informed them that they suspected of being in possession of drugs or weapons or anything else illegal. You would just let them walk off would you? If every officer had your mindset then the criminals would have a free hand to do anything they want because you would not stop and search them

retired brief (14/09/23 @ 17:58)

anonpol, are you another idiot academic or activist totally divorced from reality, making seriously juvenile comments like that?

Anon (14/09/23 @ 19:30)

Having read DCS Conways comments. It is difficult to see how the officers can have a fair hearing. He is giving his and the Met's view and decision ahead of the full facts being provided for consideration. I assume he is not presenting the appropriate authorities case for Met DPS in person. In the current anti police fervour alongside Rowleys wish to sack all and sundry. I don't hold much hope for the three officer's involved.

Anon (14/09/23 @ 19:34)

Anonpol. Without posession of the full and detailed facts, no-one, including you can make the judgements and findings that you so dramatically claim. By making such ill informed comments you embarrass yourself and display your lack of insight and intelligence. Maybe harsh, but unequivocally true.

Jensen2021 (14/09/23 @ 21:27)

The race and sex discrimination claim if I remember came from recommendation from advisory groups who have a vested interest of working against the police and it’s just been accepted it seems without evidence. Has everybody forgotten the fact that it was school staff who pulled the girl from the exam, searched her bag and then called police? Isn’t this a case whereby police turned up and dealt with the situation told to them by the school? Yet, as mentioned below, very much doubt those staff will be sacked and/or named and shamed like the police may well be. If I were one of these officers, I’d be wanting a top barrister to represent me, when you have your own organisation against you, and the press, quangos and activist groups already assuming your guilt and baying for your blood. They must feel like the world is against them. This seems to be getting more outrage and coverage than entire hospital negligence that leads to hundreds of deaths.

Squadman (15/09/23 @ 13:03)

@Anonpol. If I wasn’t retired from the Job (and thank Christ I am) and I were to lead a team of officers – into which you had somehow, mysteriously become assimilated – against an armed gang, intent on carrying out a robbery – do you think it would be your duty to warm them beforehand of my intended ambush, in case any of them got hurt? Would you that? Because with your inane, simpering, whimpering comments, I rather think you would.

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