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Ex-RUC officer to lead investigations in new Troubles legacy body

paul webb (14/09/23 @ 17:56)

So they have picked a retired RUC officer who is from the catholic community. Cunning!! Also he was uniform not in SB etc. Again cunning. However the bit that leaps out at me is the element that will give limited immunity to former or not so former terrorists for anything to do with the troubles. Thought the liar Blair creature had already granted them all get of jail free cards as part of the Good Friday surrender agreement. Will this mean that the former security and military forces will still have to face investigations charges and trials as they do not appear to be included in this immunity process.

Blackstock (14/09/23 @ 20:43)

If only there was a political grouping in government in Northern Ireland wedded to terrorists and so who would be best placed to help with the reconciliation process by revealing which "volunteers" slaughtered which victims . If only.....

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