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NHS wants to be part of conversations around Serious Violence Duty

Anon (16/11/23 @ 16:56)

An eye catching headline and a glossy launch amongst lots of fanfare. Scratch the surface and there is no funding to back up the claims. Sums up the government perfectly!

Anonanon (16/11/23 @ 18:10)

I'm sure the NHS senior management would love the Integrated Care Boards to have a bigger slice of whatever funding is available. However I doubt whatever they did come out with on top of that extra will not involve anything past 5pm Monday-Friday or at weekends.

retired brief (16/11/23 @ 19:12)

If the NHS were to get rid of the multitude of diversity officers, happy clappy human rights officers, and thousands of other fanciful posts, at very large salaries, that would be better spent on delivering a health service free of charge at point of impact (or whatever that phrase Jezza keeps quoting). The NHS would be able to carry out the services they are crying out for more money in this article.

Jensen2021 (17/11/23 @ 14:06)

A great start would also be to not expect the police to keep being used as the go to agency when other certain services finish at 17:00 and don’t work weekends, and somehow think it’s acceptable to pass on their responsibilities. Some of the calls police get from hospitals are almost comical. ‘There’s a man outside the hospital with a head injury.’ ‘There’s a man here who’s feeling suicidal.’ I don’t think I’ve ever known the police to call a hospital and say ‘there’s a man fighting outside the police station.’ ‘There’s a suspect here who needs to be interviewed.’ ‘Can the hospital deal with it.’

Anon (17/11/23 @ 21:21)

I'm sure NHS management want to ve part of the conversation. They certainly won't want to be part of actually doing anything that follows the conversation. Its far easier to pass the risk to the risk averse senior police officers who dare not say no - just in case!

The sympathetic Retiree. (23/11/23 @ 11:10)

I laughed when I read this. Can I suggest the senior management in the hospitals forget about going to these meetings and discussions and get on with their core roll of delivering the service they are paid for. I am sure the Doctors, Nurses and sick would really appreciate that. If they have the time to spare in doing this maybe they can be done without permanently and their rather large wage packets can hire several more front line staff.

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