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Senior officer accused of accessing staff info cleared of misconduct

paul webb (17/11/23 @ 18:41)

One rule for them one rule for the others

Anonanon (17/11/23 @ 19:29)

Oh my goodness... Aside from the fact that his behaviour towards a colleague in Essex seemed no bar to a senior position in the MET (and indeed PSD!) This latest saga involving Mr Horne is that the person who sent the information to Mr Horne has since been sacked and placed on the barred list. The recipient of this information is now cleared despite a rather convoluted trail from work emails to personal emails to exchanges on Whatsapp. The 'I was acting on advice' defence seems to have pulled this one out of the hat. Did the weight of showing two senior Met officers the door in the space of a month prove too much?...surely not....

Anon (17/11/23 @ 20:44)

We are all equal. It's just that some are more equal than others!

Mullers (18/11/23 @ 09:33)

I knew ‘The Teflon Don’ when he was a DI and he was ok.

Annoymous. (19/11/23 @ 11:49)

This decision should be subject to Judicial Review. The panel is entitled to accept that Horne followed legal advice. Where I believe they have erred as a mater of law and fact is failing to consider how he received the documents from David Clark. I do not believe a reasonable panel would believe the receipt of sensitive documents through Watsapp is normal or within the realms of probity. Horne was under a positive duty to act and the conduct of Clarke in my humble opinion would suggest they were acting in concert.

Captainover (20/11/23 @ 07:49)

Imagine a Constable had sent work documents on WhatsApp or to their personal email. They would have been sacked and the usual “we will not tolerateâ€쳌 press release would swiftly follow.

retired brief (20/11/23 @ 23:47)

Wonder if they will give him his stress ball back to throw at someone else, unless it has been lost in the exhibits property office? But then I suppose he can claim the cost of another one now that he is totally innocent of all those malicious charges? Now just take your pension and bugger off, that Crasnow woman was the one who found Simon Byrne innocent of something like 90 discipline offences of bullying etc., when he was CC of Cheshire Police before he went on to be sacked as CC of the PSNI. Does Ms Crasnow's decision making process need a bit of looking at?

Annoymous. (22/11/23 @ 10:37)

I would also like to know how the LQC and Panel were chosen. The HO Guidance is clear that the next in the list was selected interesting how someone else had commented she was involved in another case where a CC was cleared of 90 allegations of bullying. I hope she is not being selected for NPCC jobs. I believe any competent solicitor could do the job.

Springbok223 (22/11/23 @ 16:34)

Good job at wasn't a Pc or Sgt the result would have been different.

Springbok223 (27/11/23 @ 15:16)

Head |Case Horne. Just shows that once you reach above a certain rank you are almost immune from being found guilty.

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