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Met rejects IOPC request for outside force to hold W80 misconduct

Softly Softly (20/11/23 @ 15:36)

ROWLEY playing to the frontline gallery, he'll soon rollover under even the slightest pressure.

Anonanon (20/11/23 @ 16:54)

The only 'proper conclusion' the OPC want is a finding and dismissal.The I for independent omitted for obvious reasons. Pedantic wasters.

retired brief (20/11/23 @ 18:02)

Just look at the sneering expression on the face of that individual, whom the IOPC will be pulling out all the traces to bag a copper and send the usual cards and condolences to his 'loved ones' for the unfortunate position the Blue Meanies* have put him in. * Blue Meanies - a species of police officer identified by a formerly well known group of entertainers known by the name of The Beatles in one of their songs in a film release of theirs when under the influence of LSD (also known as Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds).

paul webb (20/11/23 @ 18:29)

I sincerely hope that the kangaroo court sits down for about 5 minutes returns a verdict of no case to answer and disappears down to the pub for an early lunch. Leaving the muppet squad to have a tantrum, throw their toys out of the pram and then watch them trundle back to court demanding that someone else has a go at bagging this poor unfortunate officer who has been forced to undergo this never ending ordeal. It would be nice if the Met/Federation took the muppet squad to court for their lamentable actions. Because this is surely an abuse of process that the police would never be allowed to get away with.

StandbyOne (23/11/23 @ 16:59)

Read IOPC Trustpilot reviews..

Anthony (24/11/23 @ 14:53)

You must question the agenda of the IOPC. Do they see themselves on a holy crusade, or are they just a spiteful and incredibly vindictive organisation? They do seem to only accept a result when some police officer is punished, for anything, no matter how trivial. Presented with an armed attack on the streets of London, whose intention was the release prisoners, is a changing, dangerous and difficult time for the police officers involved. The fact that some bulky advice document was not fully complied with, is just nonsense. It is about time that these pseudo intellectuals return to LaLa land, and let fair play and common justice to preside. PS. Yes let’s drop the I because they are definitely not impartial.

jdp384 (27/11/23 @ 13:08)

They have no idea about Police Use of firearms and are punishing officers from a vindictive position of ignorance. They will inevitably cause serious injury or even the death of a police officer who hesitates when they should be firing.! Confidence is needed by the police. Their training is worldclass no being undermined by IOPC. And the prospect of a change in Government headed by Starmer and their policies only paints a darker picture. The Conservatives and some senior Police Officers have failed these officers.

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