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Federation: New Uniform ‘Blurs Accountability’

pdcourt (24/04/12 @ 14:59)

Doesn't really blur it. It's just the way things will be my federation friends.Like PCSO's, don't they confuse the public? and also specials. Is that not the point of them ? Let's pretend we have lots of what we really haven't got

Guest (24/04/12 @ 17:23)

The public dont care until they have a complaint to make and thats when it gets messy, so this privatisation by the back door will continue until theres an almighty C*** Up and a member of the public gets hurt. Then you'll see the opposition MP's start to sit up and take notice...But until then!

sas604 (25/04/12 @ 09:16)

Someone is making a fair profit out of all this nonsense, of that there is NO doubt.

Anonymous (25/04/12 @ 09:21)

Too exasperated to read the whole article at present but if the person wearing the uniform doesn't have powers of arrest, then they have no right to have the title on their uniform. If someone however they are associated with the police is not a fully trained serving member of Her Majesties Constabulary with all the powers that go with that, their uniform should not bear the word Police at all. Actual Police Officers earn the Right to the title by their daily work and the powers that be would do well to remember that instead of eroding their value in this way!

George (115) (25/04/12 @ 14:01)

What a comedy of errors!!!Who do the public turn to in time of a crisis? A person in uniform and if that person happens to be wearing a uniform with the word Police on it they assume that they are fully trained to deal with emergencies.This latest faux pas could and probably will lead to a lowering of the publics perception of the police. I agree with 'nobodiesfool' the word Police should only be used on the uniforms of fully trained police officers.A thing to remember is Police Officers are solely responsible for their actions,they can't shovel the blame onto anyone else-the responsibility lies with the individual officer.What happens in the case of a PCSO or one of these G4/Lincolnshire police operatives if whilst trying to help a member of the public they make a cock-up, are they fully responsible for their actions? or can they claim"I wasn't fully trained to deal with the situation therefore I am not to blame".Or do they refuse to help because they are not qualified to do so and turn their backs and walk away? In both cases they would be lowering the publics opnion of the police.

shade (25/04/12 @ 14:51)

@nobodiesfool Are you saying that present police civilian staff eg front desk, soco, pcso etc who cannot arrest, should not wear a uniform? I am sure that police of what ever rank would look great in tshirt and jeans!

philip (25/04/12 @ 18:28)

I work for G4S on an H.M government contract. I do hope the standard of employees on this contract are somewhat better then some of my colleagues . G4S will submit a low tender and then employ shall we say less than motivated personnel.This is not the way to retain public confidence in the police. Det Sgt. (CID and RCS Retired )

Anonymous (25/04/12 @ 19:12)

@shade Please read my comment carefully. I only state that if it isn't a Police Officer in the uniform it shouldn't say Police On the uniform. Let's take it one stage further, you go into hospital and even the porters wear scrubs, you think your being treated by someone with a Medical School / University qualification but the job they really do is more basic. Would you be ok with that too?

philip (25/04/12 @ 19:49)

'if you sup with the devil use a long spoon' I have experience first hand of working for G4S on an H.M. Government contract. Be assured it is all about maximising profits. tender low to obtain the contract. and then if the contract crashes and burns G4S will not be concerned. the motto is go for growth at all costs. fortunately i retired from the job just prior to the privatisation frenzy.very sad to see the way the service is heading. Retired Det Sgt..

anthony (26/04/12 @ 17:31)

Why has the Fed at a national level ' airbrushed from history' our ballot for full industrial rights and seeking confirmation of our position at the European Court in 2008? I seem to have missed any explanation or apology from our handsomely rewarded Executive, as to this gross dereliction! When Jaqui'Expenses' SMITH delayed the implementation of our Pay Award, her Permanent Officials advised her that ' The Feds will make a lot of noise, but are toothless and useless'?!! Naturally, despite our marching around London in our white baseball caps, and being ignored, are we being asked to follow a clearly failed strategy? Following the rehash by 'Uncle Tom' of 'Dave's 2006 plans for police, what is the response? A shameful series of letters with the 'Right Honourable' Mrs MAY, which, in effect, told us to 'Go Forth and multiply'!! WTF is going on? At the risk of repetition, I started our e petition because, it seemed to me, that it was and remains a strategic mistake, to win over the public to our cause. The inability or unwillingness of ACPO, Superintendents Association and Fed to present any coherent front, fatally undermines the Fed only Ballot. My Fed Officials talk of a ' slow burn' Campaign, consisting of the March on 10 May [now shared with other Unions], Conference, and leafleting of officers in the autumn, followed by a ballot. These characters talk of us being in a’ Phoney War' FFS! Personally, I have spoken to friends, neighbours, family and colleagues about the devastation being brought on colleagues who routinely put themselves in harms way. I have had a range of people sign, including Solicitors, and the man from AUTOGLASS who sorted my windscreen!! Some 12,000 people have signed to date. A good base, but I refuse to believe that we are all taking the opportunity to PERSONALLY explain to others, what the attacks on pay and conditions, and the corrosive denigration are doing to our lives, and our families. Simply put, please get cracking to ALL you know. They will appreciate what you are describing to them, from your perspective. One 100,000 have signed, there MUST be a parliamentary debate. Go and SEE IN PERSON your MP, and explain how this is affecting you, and any future voting intentions, dependent upon their actions up to and in the Debate, Colleagues may feel that such a meeting with an MP is a good example of an ‘Out of Custody Suspect Interview’. There will be prepared statements, but our sensitive, inquiring and appropriate questioning, will seek to elicit an honest response from the ‘suspect’. I have borne in mind recent stated cases concerning the ‘Necessity Test’ of Code G!! hthhttp://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/31250 ttp://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/31250

oldcopper (27/04/12 @ 00:44)

And when G4S arrive in your force and at your station with their smart new uniforms and at your station, how will you welcome them? Will it be polite chit chat about the weather or your forthcoming holiday and will you invite them for a drink after work or to your station Xmas party? Or will you tell them exactly what you feel about privatisation of the Police and their place in the great scheme of things? Will you tell them how their presence undermines your morale and wellbeing and how likely it is that will affect your financial position?

anthony (27/04/12 @ 22:02)


CLARE (30/04/12 @ 10:40)

@philip Hi Philip — Clare Sambrook here. I'm a journalist with an interest in G4S & policing. I'd be very glad to hear from you. my email: milo-boo@btconnect.com

CLARE (30/04/12 @ 10:46)

@philip Dear Philip, I'm a journalist with an interest in G4S & policing. I'd be very glad to hear from you. Clare Sambrook email: milo-boo@btconnect.com

Anonymous (19/12/12 @ 19:55)

It doesn't blur the lines at all. the multi national G4S, with some interesting share holders, will be a Policing Service 'for profit', HMG backed and coming to a county near you soon! Lets just see in 5 years time how many former ACPO ranks are 'advisors'!

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