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G4S Announce Police Redundancies

Andrew (18/06/12 @ 04:43)

I hope they challenge this, on the face of it (although I'm no expert in HR) would seem it could be a breach of TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings - Protected Employment) Regulations, meaning the redundancies are illegal.

George (115) (18/06/12 @ 13:36)

Now here's a surprise. I don't suppose anybody had thought of that happening!!( If there was anybody who hadn't expected that then they must have been in an ostrich like position and deserves a kick up the arse!!) (G115)

Guest (18/06/12 @ 19:11)

"The former Lincolnshire Police staff now employed by G4S are loyal, valued and in many cases long serving members of the force family and we will always be interested in their welfare and well being." Just goes to show that loyalty gets you no where. Well and truely shafted springs to mind. Happens time and time again one company gets taken over by another. The ineviatable redundacies soon follow. "PoliceOracle.com asked a Lincolnshire Police spokeswoman whether the money for the new recruits was thanks to the savings under the partnership scheme. She said: “Any savings are bound to have a positive reflection on the front-line which was the main focus when entering into a partnership with G4S.â€쳌 Call me thick, but does this answer the question raised? I don't think you'll ever get a straight answer in these situations. G4S also said Lincolnshire Police had just appointed 23 officers who will be joining the force for initial training this month". Good news- if the 23 joining, are some of the 60 losing their jobs. Sorry rant over...

Springbok223 (18/06/12 @ 19:37)

Sir Paul Condon, ex Kent and Met Chief is high up in this organization, I wonder what he thinks about it.

Petemac (18/06/12 @ 20:59)

Thanks for all your years of loyal service, don't slam the door when you leave please. Money before everything, you can't beat it! Thanks!

Ian (21/06/12 @ 15:37)

@Maverick22 Condom never really liked ordinary coppers in the Met, always tried to avoid talking to them and very rarely visited actual working police stations!

Anonymous (21/06/12 @ 18:23)

Efficiency savings are not just about financial savings. The whole cost of custody should be looked at including the hidden costs. Wasting police officers time, litigation etc etc. Given the paring off that has been done in policing in the last 10 years it is hard to imagine how custody suites can be run to the required standards with 10% less staff

George Dixon's Ghost (23/06/12 @ 00:03)

So the chief of lincolnshire has left and all the great and good on the top corridor including dep knock on wood fresh from his stint in derbyshire has taken up position and the old chief will be knocking about the golf course hobnobbing with execs from G4S. Will he be thinking of his old redundant valued police colleagues then er ... No

Anonymous (19/12/12 @ 19:57)

@ian Well Turkeys don't vote for Christmas either! It's just the start me thinks.

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