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Met: Deputy Mayor Squares Up To Reorganisation

Patrick (06/07/12 @ 15:46)

This deputy mayor for policing has even less of a clue on how London is policed than his predecessor Mr Malthouse had and he was about as clued up as Peter Sellars in the Pink Panther movies. This guy really needs to get out and about and speak to staff on the front line, officers and PCSO's. Don't listen to the managers, they are towing the Home Office party line, get down to the grass roots if you can stomach it. What I have witnessed and heard over the last few weeks is extremely disturbing and worries me as a London council tax payer and even more so, a UK tax payer. I am one of the fortunate ones who retired some years ago but have my finger more on the pulse of London policing matters than this puppet. If only I had the willingness and energy to get involved in local government politics and not under the banner of the 3 main political parties.

Dave SV (06/07/12 @ 19:57)

Officer numbers will stay the same??? What planet are they on?

Anonymous (06/07/12 @ 22:39)

If you reduce the number of custody suites the arrest and clear up rate will suffer. the net effect of this will be that 1. Officers will spend more time travelling to and from custody suites therefore visible patrolling will reduce. 2. Inevitably larger custody suites will be located in the busier more central locations and as a consequence there will be a further reduction in police presence in the outer, 'quieter' boroughs. 3. Officers with only an hour or so to the end of their tour of duty will naturally be disinclined to travel 30 mins back to their patrol area and 30 mins back again. 4. Officers will make tactical, practical decisions not to arrest because the custody suite is too remote and the crime does not justify the negative impact of such significant operational abstraction. Consequently clear up rates will fall. 5. The above is well evidenced from numerous such experiences elsewhere. There are very few ways the service can balance the books. Crime reflects economics poor economy + reduced police expenditure + lack of job opportunity = increasing crime. Ergo the solution proposed in the article above WILL NOT WORK.

Andy (24/07/12 @ 08:25)

Philip, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes. But that's the way it's going to be. Don't forget that when arrests and convictions fall, the numbers of prison spaces also fall, so the government save money all round!

Springbok223 (25/07/12 @ 13:12)

Get rid of all PCSO's, too many DAC and ACC's, 80% of those could go, which would save a fortune. Too many Supt on Districts, you only need one. Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians.

Dave SV (10/01/13 @ 19:19)

Every force is losing officers, having to make better use of resources, the Met are still claiming they can keep the same numbers and make reductions!! What planet are they on?

Dave SV (10/01/13 @ 19:22)

@Anonymous Arrest rates are a thing of the past! The necessity test has removed this as a credible gauge of police efficiency! Arresting a suspect is much more expensive, if alternatives, summons and voluntary interviews can be used. To measure by arrests encourages unlawful arrests, because they may not be necessary

Drewpycock72 (11/01/13 @ 07:27)

@Dave SV Absolutely agree with you. Arrest is and should always be a last resort as stated in PACE. There has been recent guidance on Caution plus 2/3 wich I strongly suspect is due to recent legal challenges to unlawful arrest...of which I suspect would be juveniles with cannabis. The proposals for the MET Changes programme are in part sensible, but in the main niaive and ignorant to future demand. Selling off Police stations(assets), replacing with rented property(overheads) is not only incredibly poor business sense, ie you can borrow agaisnt something you do not own should you hit a cashflow problem, but also leaves you vulnerable to market conditions, and will become logistically crippling. What is happenning is asset stripping. But this will not balance the books as the running costs for a rented property are going to be pretty much the same as the already owned building. Assett stripping in the busness world is where money can be saved/made and a company sold on its sales/client base. The MPS does not have a client/sales base .... its pure overheads, and no matter how many CUBOs/Lupus operations issuing tickets there are, we will never balance the books ... were just increasing the demand and creating a market for cheap vehicles to replace the seized un insured ones.

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