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Olympics ‘Further Draining’ Force Resources

reg1278 (24/07/12 @ 19:05)

no matter what is said and done before the G4s fiasco we were all struggling with resources Now it is a serious problem that front-line resources are short and officers are not prepared to work them even for extra pay why should they help out when they have been shafted by Windsor cuts

Shropshire (25/07/12 @ 13:49)

@Anonymous exactly no one likes to leave our patches short but it's time to say no for a couple of months at least ( that includes all the overtime grabbers i include myself in that in the past, now at my age i would rather spend time with the wife and kids and cut down on the takeaways ) we need to get the point to the senior ranks and in turn to the government that we are not going work ourselves into the ground just to keep the wobbly wheel on

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