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In Focus: Privatisation And Forgotten Staff

Springbok223 (02/08/12 @ 15:13)

IBM, Somerset County Council and Avon and Somerset Police created Southwest One. It was supposed to save A & S £35million in ten years, last year it lost £14.5, so in 5 years it hasn't saved a penny. Somerset County Council made 190 staff redundant, then had to take back 160 because it couldn't manage. G4S will go the same way. The only way these people save you money is by reducing the staff, or staff wages. Private enterprise does not work in the public sector.

Bryn (03/08/12 @ 09:05)

Agree with Maverick, but the way G4S will make their money is by managing the contract to their own benefit. In effect this will mean that any additional tasks will be charged for at a high rate to ensure that the contract stays in profit. What will a Casualty Bureau for the next Tsunami cost?? Just look at how the big defence contracts over-run and realise that we are all in for a rough time.

Burnside (17/08/12 @ 12:59)

Do you remeber when yellow line enforcement went private? Every motorist is now seen as a potential cash cow, so in the future, expect G4S and Co to enforce traffic violations rigorously. Speeding, box junctions, blown brake light bulb/number plate bulbs, tyres etc. Completely forget discretion or the vehicle rectification system to avoid prosecution. If the offence is made out, you WILL get fined. Great for public relations eh?

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