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Chief Pledges To Fight For More Cash

Springbok223 (06/08/12 @ 07:45)

Sorry CC Rhodes, you will never convince Herbert, he is unable to relate to serious conversation, or see common sense. HMG can give away 12billion in overseas aid, but cannot spare a few million for Linconshire. Priorities in the wrong order Herbert, charity begins at home, not in some African countries run by Despots.

Petemac (06/08/12 @ 15:37)

It's not going to happen as Herbit and May have nothing but contempt for the Police. The HMIC have said that Lincs have already cut their services to the bone, I wish the Chief well, but it's a hard task when no one will listen. Wake up and smell the coffee the Home Sec does not care, it's the people of Lincs that will lose out shame on Herbit and May.

OverSpecialist (08/08/12 @ 13:13)

Start withdrawing beat officers and closing stations near to Tory MP's offices. Then wait for a 'phone call.

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