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Olympics: Bonus Paid To Inspectors

Joe Bloggs (17/08/12 @ 10:12)

@Maverick22 So you think that compensates for working 21 hour shifts at the olympics on top of the regular excessive hours inspectors work at divison,? you are sadly mistaken.

Joe Bloggs (17/08/12 @ 10:19)

£3000 is no compensation at all, it work out at about £250 per month equivalent to 10 hours pay per month. As a divisonal DI i can work 10 hours overtime in a day so to think inspectors are adequateley compensated with £3000 pounds per year is way off the mark. Would a PC or sergeant accept a £3000 buy out? i think not.

Guest (17/08/12 @ 10:32)

@Anonymous. Of course PC's and Sgt's wouldn't sign away their overtime payments for £3k but your colleagues did. In doing so they did you and those that follow a MASSIVE disservice. But lets not kid ourselves here because as DI you have the ability to be on and take flexi time. I appreciate invariably you give more than you get but you knew that upon taking promotion and made a decision to accept it.

Barry John (17/08/12 @ 10:41)

From my understanding, having retired from the service some 20 years ago that £3000 extra salary is pensionable unlike overtime payments so you are in a win win situation in the long term. £75 per day in compensation to me seems excessive when one compares to salaries and overtime payments in the private sector.

George (115) (17/08/12 @ 14:12)

@Whoareyou Hello Ken.You've missed out Bill Brewer,Dan Stewer,Peter Gurney,Peter Davy,Daniel Widden,Harry 'awk and Uncle Tom Cobley .Also please explain last part of sentence begiinning "stressed out cop" and finishing with "a gold at something" , doesn't make sense. May I suggest, in a friendly way, to avoid you appearing to be a pillock ,you check your posting for spelling and grammatical errors. We all make them at times but yours are constant,(G15)

Springbok223 (17/08/12 @ 14:56)

@ilkleywhite - no Inspector worked 21 hour shifts, do you mean 12 hours.

Chairman Kent Federation (17/08/12 @ 15:58)

Actually inspecting ranks' overtime was bought out in 1994 for £3,500. This figure has increased since then with every pay rise. This is now worth in the region of £5,600. This was a buy-out for all overtime, RDs and BHs. In addition, unlike overtime, this is pensionable so they will continue to be compensated into retirement. If inspecting ranks can effcetively be compensated twice for overtime, why can't constables & sergeants?

Anonymous (17/08/12 @ 17:00)


Dave (17/08/12 @ 17:53)

@Maverick22 Absolutely. When this sell-out occurred, £3,000 was a great deal of money and they were much better off for it (why else would they have opted to accept the deal?). Now they are, occasionally, asked to work extra hours, tough. I was a detective during the Miners' Strike and I never made an extra penny. I accepted that, at the time, the Inspectors should have accepted these extra hours without extra benefit.

Anonymous (18/08/12 @ 20:32)

This money will be in excess of other lower ranks compensation in overtime and that is totally wrong, When you get promoted to Insp you must know the terms it comes with and your previous colleagues sold out your OT. This is having your cake and eat it .My force everyone was a volunteer to go to London, therefore no-one made you go.. Totally wrong and yet again smacks of the lower ranks being treated as second class yet again.

Anonymous (20/08/12 @ 08:30)

People on here do talk tosh sometimes. Whilst some Inspectors may not work Bank Holidays or work additional hours there are many of us who do. I have just worked two late shifts which turned into 13 1/2 hr and 12 hr night shifts. I have had 23 hours rest and i am back onto a day shift. I regularly work 9 - 10 hours per day and in addition , due to my role , i receive regular calls at home. i am not even able to take anything back as time. Clearly a few of the commentators are very ill informed , petty and likely as not will be disgruntled MOPS trolling the site

Big 'A' (20/08/12 @ 08:50)

Interestingly, when Inspectors changed their terms of service on overtime payments, they 'changed' their hours of work. Suddenly they were not interested in working weekends and delegated jobs they would have done on overtime to sergeants. It was very marked in my depeartment where I worked in the Met.

DougieBear (28/08/12 @ 21:50)

£75 per day for overtime? It should have been more like £150 per due to the extra high security!

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