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Outsourced Staff 'Face Redundancies'

Springbok223 (20/08/12 @ 12:59)

All these private companies do the same, thats the only way they can save money. Southwest One is a fine example of rubbish and why no private adventures in the police force.

Dave (20/08/12 @ 18:03)

Yet another privatisation starts to unravel. I feel really sorry for the people there, who thought that they would be safe in their jobs. Who decides if there is "enough work"? The shareholders? And the Police Authority are having to pick up the bill. Is this actually saving any money whatsoever? Probably not, but someone will have got promoted on the strength of it.

barry8133 (20/08/12 @ 21:46)

Not only promotions but some now ex-senior officers have seamlessly moved into well paid jobs in this private company on their retirement!!

Ivanholder@live.co.uk (02/11/12 @ 13:30)

I agree with barry8133. He has hit the nail on the head. SOME senior officers are looking towards the future!! THEIR future after retirement.

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