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Stop 'Erosion Of The Police', Home Sec Told

OverSpecialist (21/08/12 @ 08:32)

Too little too late - progress Industrial rights please, as mandated 4 years ago.

Springbok223 (21/08/12 @ 09:53)

Ms May is too arrogant to listen to anything anyone has to say, she will do her own thing. One thing is for certain, she will go down as the worst Home Secretary EVER. And look at some of the cretins we have had in the past, Blunkett, Clarke(wingnut) John 'nothing to do with me mate' Reid, and Jackboot Jacqui, May must be pretty bad to come in behind that shower.

Phil (21/08/12 @ 10:30)

Lincolnshire Police now employ G4S to carry out Firearms enquiries i.e. F.E.Os' how is that backroom? and would you want one visiting your home.

Gruffmeister (21/08/12 @ 17:10)

If policy were decided on logic and eloquent statements of fact then Paul would win the day.However we all realise that Cameron and his 'four horsemen of the acopalypse' type chums think that any reform with no limits is fine and dandy so they will do what they bally well please.

Guest (21/08/12 @ 18:11)

Agree progress the Industrial rights please

Petemac (22/08/12 @ 10:53)

Right to strke please

Anonymous (23/08/12 @ 13:42)

She has no idea, she is a thick person and should removed from the job. I do believe that all Cops should be on the Streets and not sitting at a desk. Then to get things back on line is to double the Force. Then we could get this our Britain back on a healthy standing.

Mark (24/08/12 @ 21:00)

@muzzy I agree muzzy, the damage IS done. Too many cops have no idea of the excellent transferrable skills they possess. Most employers will snatch your arm off to get you working for them. I quit the job last week and start my new (private sector) one next week with a £10K pay rise, final salary pension and 35 hour week. I can't wait and I know I'll never look back. The service doesn't deserve you guys and gals so as our wonderful motivating leaders keep saying: "If you don't like it; you know where the door is..."

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